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Simple Ways To Feel More Confident At The Gym

If you are new to the gym, or you haven’t been in a while, sometimes you might not feel completely confident. Whilst this is okay, everyone should be able to feel confident to go into the gym and have a great workout, without worrying what others are thinking. We’re here to help you do just that! 


Remember Everyone Pays The Same! 

When you go into the gym, the main thing to remember if you feel nervous or awkward is that everyone there pays the same! You are just as entitled to be there are everyone else, so never let anyone make you feel nervous because everyone starts somewhere. Giving yourself a quick reminder that you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else can give you that confidence boost to take your time and stand your ground when it comes to the machines you’re using. 


Find A Gym Outfit That Makes You Feel Amazing

Our next tip to help you feel more confident in the gym is to wear a gym outfit that makes you feel amazing. You deserve to feel completely supported and comfortable when you’re in the gym, to do any exercise you see fit. So, you don’t want to be worrying about whether your womens gym leggings are squat proof or if your sports bra is supportive enough. This is where a great outfit, that is supportive and helps you to feel amazing, comes in. Not only does it help you to feel your best, but you are also likely to feel much more motivated as a result! 


Plan Your Workout

We’ve all had that feeling where we step into the gym and can’t decide which exercises to  do, and if you’re new, this might make you feel a bit nervous. So, before you go to the gym, get a rough idea of what you are going to do. For your very first session, maybe go and do a bit of cardio and then some mat work, as this will give you the chance to have a look around without having to use and try to find lots of different machines. This will then give you some inspiration for your next session and you can gradually go from there! 

A great way to plan your workouts is by watching videos, as there are so many great fitness experts out there who specialise in workouts for beginners. You will soon get the hang of things and find your favourite exercises! Be patient with yourself and you will naturally fall into a routine that you really like. 


Do A Few Sessions With A Personal Trainer

If you don’t feel confident going into the gym on your own, then book in for a few sessions with a personal trainer. Meet them before your first session to have a chat about what you are hoping to achieve and be honest about the fact that you are quite new to everything, as they will tailor your plan accordingly. This will help you to learn where everything is in the gym, gain some confidence and learn  a few exercises. You might find that you really like working with a personal trainer and decide to carry on with the sessions, or you might feel ready to go to the gym on your own. Either way, working with a personal trainer is a great way to learn about correct form to stay safe in the gym! 

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