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What Dog To Choose For A Child

What Dog To Choose For A Child

If you finally decided to take a pet into your family there is always that option for cat adoption or dog adoption. First of all you should clearly define the main purpose of the pet’s adoption. For example, if you want to have a dog you should prepare for it carefully, especially if you want to choose a dog for your child.

Children always want to have a pet in the house. It is quite normal and natural for them to care for a pet.

You probably have heard about the cases when a dog had attacked or bitten a child. Such events are the results of primarily incorrect attitude to a dog.

In order to understand the dog you should divert from general statuses and views of the society and regard the world by the dog’s eyes. Some experts consider that dogs show many signs expressing their relation to the world around.

What Dog To Choose For A Child

Many parents believe that a small dog would be very peaceful and patient, choosing a pet for their children. They think that the dog would let the child do anything he wants. But it is not true. Dogs are subjected to be stressed as any living being. Don’t let your child tease the dog in any case.

Don’t leave your child alone with the dog even with a puppy. But most of the parents believe their dog to be the most friendly and patient. They consider that the dog loves their children so much to let them do anything they want: to push the dog, pull on his tail, tweak, take out his food or toys, tease and so on. They are mistaken greatly.

Adopting a puppy for the child, a lot of parents assume that their kid’s status is much more important than the puppy’s status. As a result, it may cause a contradiction between a dog and a child and the dog may do a harm to the child. You should explain your kid how to behave with the dog.

Dogs usually use signals for intercourse and you will always notice them. If the pet does not like something while communicating with the kid, he starts to growl or bark loudly. Don’t let your child ignore it because the dog will become more aggressive and even may attack your child. You should understand that there isn’t the best dog breed for children. If you treat the dog friendly and properly, any dog breed will be adoptable. The most significant thing is to react the dog’s signals immediately.

You should always educate your children in order to avoid conflicts between children and dogs. Children should realize that they should be outgoing with their pets.

If the dog is tired and wants to have a rest, the child should leave his pet alone.

You should know that till the age of 10-12 children can’t distinguish the dog’s signals. That’s why when you decide to adopt a dog only you are responsible for keeping an eye on the dog while he is playing with a child.

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