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The Internet Of Things and Mobile Homes Of The Future

The more the technology progresses, the more that progress gets intensified. Even though the Internet has been around for a while now, the boom it has experienced occurred not that long ago. Could you imagine being able to check anything whatsoever at any time from any spot throughout the world?

Learning what a word meant would take whipping out a dictionary and spending at least a couple of minutes finding it, only a decade back. Nowadays, however, everything is a mere couple of clicks and seconds away. So what are we to expect in the upcoming years?

Being able to control devices throughout our homes with a couple of screen swipes? Well, apparently, this isn’t going to remain a thing out of sci-fi movie for much longer.

Smart Appliances

So far, the Internet of Things hasn’t seen too much usage. Sure, we know how to connect to our television sets and play some YouTube videos on it, maybe even shuffle through a couple of channels with a couple of swipes. But can you imagine controlling appliances?

By this, I really do mean appliances – washing machines, refrigerators, water boilers, air conditioning systems, hell, even the stove! The best part is – the technology for this is already here, as we speak; it only needs dedication and investment – and there already are whispers of major companies investing in it.

However, this technology would be useless without incorporating smartphones. And it is here where the link between the phone and the Internet is yet again signified as crucial. Imagine being able to simply access your household appliance controls through a smartphone app!

This would completely abolish the need for reaching for a bunch of various remote controllers in order to merely turn something on or off. Now let’s focus on what already is here: you can already get washers, dryers and refrigerators which are internet-ready.

Lighting Controls

Turning on a light from a wall switch is so 20th century – how about doing so from the comforts of your comfy armchair? However, this technology is no longer a thing of fiction – lighting systems which are smartphone-accessible are more than available nowadays.

The Internet Of Things and Mobile Homes Of The Future

This technology may even end up saving both the money for you, as well as energy consumption and promote the general eco-friendliness – just think how many times you were too lazy to get up and turn your light switch off – a billion. Now consider how many times you forgot to bring your smartphone to your couch – that’s right, you can’t!

Energy Efficiency and Power Tracking

Most of us don’t remember cars which weren’t able to tell us when the oil needs changing, so why not relate this technology to our own homes? Imagine an AC system which can tell you when the filter needs to be changed. How about a lighting system that warns you when it is on in an empty room? Or perhaps a refrigerator that bases its power usage in accordance with the amount of groceries stocked up inside?

Let’s dig into this even further – why not own a system which tells you when your power is going over your budget? By tracking your home’s energy consumption, associated costs and carbon footprint, you’re not only saving up, but also paying the tribute to your own planet.

Safety and Security

Of course, having an Internet of Things-based home comes at a price – and that price is laid out in security measures. If you were to have the complete access to your home at the hands of your phone, you can rest assured that hackers will, as well.

In a scenario when you go on a vacation, who will be making sure that your home is safe and sound? This is why having proper cybersecurity strategy is important in this futuristic setting. It is the opinion of many experts that remote control access software is a no-brainer when it comes to home security of the future.

Smartphones and the Internet

To further explore this subject, the irreplaceable connection between the modern phone and the Interweb needs to be explained. While we still do mainly access the web via our personal computers, smartphones are all but useless without the power to connect to the Internet.

This being said, while the Interweb can be imagined without smartphones, these neat little devices certainly bring out the best in it – tons of useful apps are available to vouch for this. However, for all of this we will need a good Internet connection. Comparing broadband internet plans to find the best results will definitely be essential for your smart home of the future.

The connection between the smartphone and the online world has yet to reach its peak. As the bond between the two grows stronger by the minute, we somehow choose to take this for granted, as we stubbornly and subconsciously refuse to marvel at all the benefits that follow. Can you imagine not being able to check your bus schedule at any time?

When was the last time you asked for directions – in fact, when was the last time you set off from your very own home, without knowing exactly what and where your destination is? Everything, from saving documents onto a cloud-based system, to keeping in touch with your friends, your Facebook or Twitter feeds is made easier by the neat little gadget that was once used for phone calls exclusively.

Smart Toilets

With regards to moving on a bit beyond pure ease-of-access-related laziness, let’s discuss something with a bit of a silly ring to it: the smart toilet. No, I most certainly am not talking about flushing at a touch of a screen (I am not saying this won’t turn a fad, either) – I am referring to toilets already popping out in Japan, which can perform a urinalysis after being used!

This can prevent a number of complication with regards to those diseases, such as diabetes, that have a tendency to creep up on you. What’s more, this trend has a potential of bringing about even more benefits along with it – for example, toilets that could do pregnancy tests for you by analyzing your urine are something everyone would wish for.

Opportunities do not end here – smart toilets could come equipped with seat and foot warmers, automated deodorizers and flushing systems and even things such as MP3 players!

The Internet of Things will certainly change the way we think and function around our own homes in the future, it is merely a question of time when this will become a common thing. Even though many a naysayer will go through the trouble of outlining the weaknesses of such a way of life, think about this – every innovation is met with the fear of the close-minded in the very beginning.

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