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Can I Enjoy American Netflix In UK?

Can I Enjoy American Netflix In UK?

Out of all streaming video services, Netflix seems to be the leader. Netflix has the largest collection of Television shows and movies. Its collection is actually on the increase every month, but there are a few important things that you must understand about Netflix. In comparison to what the Netflix users in USA enjoy, the users in UK have much inferior options.

Your friends in the US might watch movies in the Netflix, which aren’t available in the UK version till date. Is it that Netflix neglects its UK clients? Or is there any other reason? Licensing of various movies and TV shows have caused some differences between Netflix programs in various regions. Programs chosen by Netflix for purchase are actually dependent on a complete research of things favored by its subscribers.

The UK has huge demand for The Walking Dead, so it’s very much possible for the UK viewers to enjoy Netflix almost at par with their US counterparts. You’ll need to consider UK Netflix pricing before you actually consider other important factors like the ways American TV shows have improved in the recent times, and VPNs experiencing an esoteric world. Netflix has come up with an update of its UK prices hike. One needs to pay an amount worth £6.99 for a month, and that’s not quite good news. The only good thing that you hear is that fact that such prices hikes won’t affect the existing customers for about 2 years.

Can I Enjoy American Netflix In UK?

The VPN is Quite User Friendly

Once you’re able to trick Netflix into believing that the device you’re using is actually based in the US, it will allow you to enjoy the US content of Netflix within the UK. A Virtual Private Network has to be set in order to avail the American Netflix in UK. This way, your data is touted via a different IP that causes Netflix to believe that you aren’t located within the UK. At the same time, you’ll need to keep in mind that the terms and conditions of Netflix are clearly violated by this tactic. The terms and conditions don’t allow its content security to be degraded, altered, removed, deactivated and circumvented in any way. You’ll need to try these tactics at your own risk since you might get banned once you are caught.

Users making use of VPNs to access the Netflix content may face legal actions initiated by Netflix. American Netflix in UK is doing all it can to strike off UK users that are enjoying the US content illegally.

A majority of movie studios have started complaining about unrestricted access being provided to UK users. For this purpose, Netflix is checking out a number of blocking techniques. Fetching the time zone of the user from the mobile device GPS or web browser used by him and then comparing it with the IP-location of the user is one such technique. Apart from this, Netflix is also utilizing the DNS services of Google. There are a few other techniques evolving with time.

Users need to apply specific tactics to trick Netflix according to the capacity of their device. Your VPN can be set up in a variety of ways. Individuals that aren’t quite networking savvy may use the best and easiest option. You may be using a certain device for watching Netflix, and you may enjoy solutions that are segregated as per the nature of your device.

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