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Best Affiliate Marketing Software Of 2021

Best Affiliate Marketing Software Of 2021

The best affiliate marketing software makes earning advertising revenue from your website quick and convenient.

The next challenge is to convert those earning opportunities into valuable revenue streams.

Even so, affiliate marketing is the secret to producing revenue from websites that would otherwise fail to sell advertising space or to serve as a supplement to those already involved in the advertising space.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is obvious: you sign up for a specific product or service program, and if approved, you can use existing marketing materials and/or links with a unique URL. You will be paid a fee if anyone signs up for that product or service using that URL.

Affiliate marketing seems to be a simple way to make money online, but there are numerous possible pitfalls. First, affiliate monitoring must be precise and reliable for you to be credited for the sales you actually made.

In addition, you must-have goods and services that are of genuine interest to customers. Although several large brands are actively involved in affiliate marketing, there are a number of constraints that may make them less attractive compared to alternatives.

For example, the time between a customer clicking a link and making a transaction can be many days, so affiliate monitoring that accounts for this would likely be more beneficial to the affiliate marketer than those that only reward immediate sales and therefore disregard the likelihood of browsing.

You must also vigorously market affiliate items, which many website owners ignore – or even overdue. However, if done correctly and with enough traffic, it is possible to earn a living from it.

Here are the top affiliate marketing software on the market right now.


Scaleo is a cutting-edge affiliate marketing solution. You can signup and launch your own affiliate network in minutes! 

 Scaleo is packed with AI features, which allow you to track, analyze, and optimize your campaign in real-time. Scaleo combines a modern and fresh interface with lightning-fast performance and a set of features that no other affiliate marketing software has.

Scaleo is an innovative affiliate marketing software that can be used as an affiliate program or as a stand-alone platform for creating your affiliate network.

It’s a digitized white-label affiliate marketing solution that offers full UI customization to fit your brand – from logo to color scheme.

If you are looking for an eye-candy design with unbeatable functionality, a powerful backend with dozens of innovative features, including ultra-fast redirects, 10+ targeting options, custom notifications, and intelligent traffic redirection – you’ll love Scaleo. 

Easy integration with 

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Cookies-based Tracking, 
  • Shopify, 
  • Woocommerce, 
  • Tilda, 
  • Wix, 
  • Big Commerce, 
  • Magento, 
  • CS-Cart, 
  • OpenCart, 
  • Squarespace, and many others.

The developers behind Scaleo have 10+ years of experience in the affiliate and tracking industry, which allowed them to put together robust software with an in-built Anti-Fraud Logic™ algorithm that helps eliminate and prevent fraud clicks and transactions in real-time.

Other features include: 

  • Lead and conversions management 
  • Affiliates management (for affiliate networks)
  • Campaign management 
  • Customizable lead confirmation 
  • White label, customizable solution
  • Fraud detection in real-time
  • Mobile tracking

Scaleo’s lightning-fast backend interface will save you a great deal of time, as all statistics are generated and updated in real-time, including incoming clicks and transactions.

Thanks to these instant detailed reports, you will be able to optimize your campaigns and increase margins without wasting money on illegitimate traffic or unscrupulous affiliates. Scaleo’s innovative pricing model is based on conversions and offers unlimited clicks.

Scaleo is for anyone who considers starting an affiliate network with extended functionality yet intuitive and fluent UX for both admins and affiliates.

Scaleo offers instant access to a 14-days trial; no credit card is required. Start your free trial right away and get into the affiliate marketing business with a professional solution that will cover all your needs. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact their friendly support team.


Those looking for a powerful management tool to optimize and track their affiliate networks should look into the cloud-based CAKE. You can monitor your network’s overall output and manage contacts while analyzing the results all from one convenient dashboard. 

This tool has a number of clever features, including: 

  • Fraud defense 
  • Pixel management 
  • Targeted campaign by computer or venue 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Individual portals for affiliates and clients 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Referral incentives

Pricing is intrinsically dependent on consumption and is determined by what the company needs. Pro, Select, and Enterprise are the three price ranges.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius, founded by the founders of and Commission Junction, has generated quite a stir since its inception in 2008. 

Its main features include: 

  • Automation of direct affiliate onboarding, contracting, monitoring, and tracking 
  • Call tracking 
  • Promotion code monitoring 
  • Flexible tracking options, FTP upload, Pixel, Data Post, REST API, Mobile SDKs, 
  • SEO-friendly links 
  • Analytics in real-time 6. Click Inc.

Everflow is easily the best affiliate monitoring tool available, with a fantastic user interface and a robust feature set. Everflow has some of the most sophisticated campaign management and monitoring capabilities available. Everflow is also one of the most cost-effective solutions available, with monthly fees beginning at just $200. 

Its key features include: 

  • Live data (graphs and reports )
  • Super quick response times 
  • Advanced notification system 
  • Advanced media purchasing tools 
  • Graceful handling of mobile and desktop traffic 
  • Fully exposed API 100% of the time 
  • Private traffic partitioning

This affiliate and digital marketing monitoring program can track leads, ads, calls, sales conversions, and networks. It effectively monitors and optimizes the effectiveness of your internet affiliate marketing endeavors, allowing you to run a profitable campaign. LinkTrust’s interface is fully customizable, allowing you to monitor all types of offline and online ads through pixels, server posts, CPA, cookies, mobile traffic, and Pay-per-call. 

Other features include: 

  • Lead distribution and management 
  • Affiliate management 
  • Campaign management 
  • Customizable lead confirmation 
  • Fraud identification and lead management 
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Mobile tracking


AffTrack is the only enterprise SaaS solution that provides limitless clicks. It is more than just another affiliate monitoring device used by several large affiliate networks since 2009. This program’s mobile-friendly interface makes it very easy to monitor when on the go. 

Its key features include: 

  • Free proxy detection service 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Brandable interfaces 
  • Suppression file management 
  • Invoice and billing software 
  • Granular level access 
  • File manager 
  • Unlimited marketers and affiliates 
  • Device targeting 
  • Client sidetracking 
  • Geo-targeting


Hitpath enables clients to easily attribute the various aspects of their digital marketing efforts. It is used to assess measurable, smart consumer engagements. Hitpath is one of the most user-friendly tracking applications on the market, and it is quick and productive, allowing for real-time affiliate tracking. It also provides free software training and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Other features include:

  • Affiliate management.
  • Real-time campaign monitoring.
  • An accounting module.
  • A cross-publishing campaign accelerator.
  • A user-friendly GUI.


Tracking Software is the preferred choice for over 11,500 online businesses. With support for global brands such as Social, Living Social, and Zynga, among others, you can be confident that this software contains all of the functionality you’ll need to run and sustain a successful affiliate marketing program. 

Among the unique features are:

  • Fraud prevention.
  • Unlimited affiliates.
  • 99 percent monitoring uptime.
  • A robust API.
  • Superior measurement.
  • Great tracking metrics and equipment.
  • The choice for dedicated solutions.

You can also use it as an ad agency to promote your e-commerce shop. You can use Tune for free for 30 days and test the app on your own.


Voluum is one of the best tools for managing, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Using Volume performance tracking software, you can: 

  • Monetize your campaigns by purchasing the best converting traffic, 
  • Separate and control your traffic by devices, OS types, and GEOs, 
  • Create fast black and white lists inside your CPA dashboard, 
  • Track every user who purchased your conversions, 
  • Add tons of new campaigns, 
  • Create landing pages, and 
  • Monitor each factor that can shatter your campaigns.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement your revenue or promote your goods. You can monitor, track, and drive your services more effectively and reliably if you use the right affiliate software. However, to optimize your performance, make sure you still follow best practices.

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