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A Teenagers Guide To Choosing A Musical Instrument

A Teenagers Guide To Choosing A Musical Instrument

Whether wanting to join your band program at school or start a band yourself, every teenager who wants to try music is soon faced with the task of choosing a musical instrument. This isn’t a decision to make lightly and deserves to have significant thought put into it. Here is a guide for how to make this momentous choice.

Think About How You Like to Play

Different instruments play and handle differently. Most woodwind instruments require you to blow through a reed to play, while brass instruments require buzzing your lips to get sound. Percussion, string instruments and the piano simply require using your hands and arms to play. Your physical abilities should also be a factor. Teens with asthma, for example, might not be well-suited to an instrument that requires significant lung usage, while someone with little physical endurance might have difficulty with percussion.

Consider Difficulty and Responsibility

Some instruments are more difficult to learn to play well than others. For example, the oboe is typically considered more difficult than other woodwinds. Some, like percussion, require you to have good rhythm as it is partially their role to keep the entire band in correct time. Others might be easy enough to learn but more difficult to master, such as the piano and violin. Difficulty levels will also be based on your personal abilities.

Try Them Out

Many music stores offer rentals where you can rent an instrument to try it out. School band programs typically have instruments available for students just entering band to try as well. If your friends are interested in creating a band with you, you may be able to try their instruments. Getting your hands on a particular instrument and seeing how it feels to you will help make your decision.

Don’t Forget Your Personal Preference

Ultimately, you choose to dedicate yourself to a particular musical instrument because it speaks to you in some way. Some teens might be drawn to the trumpet for its commanding sound, while others may search for guitars for sale so they can become a singer songwriter. Some may want to play melodies while others are okay with playing the bass support parts. Personal preference is just as important as practical considerations.

Remember, this is not a permanent decision. You can always choose to learn a different instrument and switch later, or learn to play multiple instruments. But if you are going to put your time and effort into learning an instrument, you should choose a good one for you from the outset.

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