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5 Reasons To Consider An Inpatient Program For Drug Rehabilitation

5 Reasons To Consider An Inpatient Program For Drug Rehabilitation

Generally speaking, there are two types of programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient programs are those that have a residential aspect to them. Whether a hospital or other facility, an inpatient program means several days of care where an individual is given 24 hour attention. An outpatient program is one where an individual goes to a facility for treatment. This may be for a few hours of group therapy each week. Although some people have benefited from outpatient programs, it is often an inpatient program that is the better choice. There are many advantages to choosing an inpatient program such as those found at Elevations Health. The following are only a few of the more important benefits to consider about an inpatient program.

Medical staff on hand 24 hours a day

It is not a simple thing to quit taking drugs or stop drinking. There are physical problems that can develop from immediate withdrawal, and you need to have a doctor on hand to help in the case of an emergency. Depending upon the specific drug or drugs you are addicted to, it may be unsafe to quit cold turkey. Certain types of prescription medications can induce heart failure. Having a medical staff monitoring your condition, even while you are sleeping, is the ideal approach to take when your body is going through the process of detoxification.

You are completely removed from your environment

At some point, you are going to be around someone who offers you drugs, so you need to be strong enough to resist any temptation to break from your sobriety. Unfortunately, when you attempt this in an outpatient program, you may not have the discipline to resist. Often a person is able to get sober briefly, only to start using again. Part of this is due to being in an environment where there is a lot of temptation for drug use without first becoming completely sober. This means that your body has undergone complete detoxification. Once this is done, you can begin resisting temptation to break your sobriety by making important lifestyle changes. However, the first step is detoxification, and this is best accomplished with an inpatient program.

You get the emotional support you need

Kicking a drug habit is part physical, but it is also part psychological. By living in a drug rehabilitation facility, you are surrounded by people who are dedicated to your rehabilitation. They give you emotional support and encouragement that is often lacking in your everyday environment. For some people, their normal life is one that consists of other people who have similar drug problems. These people will only encourage you to fail in your attempt to stay sober. Along with those treating you, others who have drug problems in an inpatient program can encourage you and you them.

An inpatient program can be the solution to long-lasting sobriety

Inpatient programs often work for those who have failed to stay sober in the past, but have only attempted sobriety with an outpatient program. Staying sober is something that so many people have failed at doing, but this is usually true for those who have only done outpatient drug rehabilitation, and most commonly, this was only a group therapy environment. The nature of an inpatient program is such that there is a concentrated effort at detoxification and sobriety. This program, to a certain extent, can be described as intensive. This is exactly what an individual with a chronic drug and alcohol needs. Often a person in an outpatient program is still struggling to become clean and sober, but once a person leaves an inpatient program, they are clean and sober.

An outpatient program can complement an inpatient program

An inpatient program is not incompatible with an outpatient program, but the reverse is not true. If you were to start with an outpatient program, you will continue with the life that you have right now. You can continue working, if you are employed, and continue doing everything else that you normally do in your life. You will only be visiting a rehabilitation facility at specific times. An inpatient program will only be for a specific amount of time, depending upon the level of your addiction and the chemicals you are addicted to. After this, yo can then migrate to an outpatient program, so you will be getting the therapy you need to increase your chances of staying sober.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, then you should think about an inpatient program. This will give you the best chance of long-lasting success, and you can experience The Rewards of Sobriety.

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