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4 Stretching Exercises That Make You Better at Golf

Perfecting your golf game is all about outperforming your competition. While spending hours on the course can assist in solidifying a good swing, that’s not the only place you should look to improve. You should also be considering exercising your body in a way that boosts your strength and flexibility to enhance your swing.

Seated Rotations

These are a must-do exercise to assist in improving the mobility of your swing. You’ll want to sit straddling a bench or similar object. Hold a golf club behind your back. You’ll want to move your palms to a flat position on your stomach while the golf club rests in the crooks of your elbows. Without moving your hips, rotate to the right. Hold the stretch for two seconds and move back to the center. Next, rotate to the left and repeat.

The 90/90 Stretch

This is a great stretch to enhance your mobility and to ensure that your button down shirt is the right length to stay tucked in during your swing. For this exercise, you’ll be sitting on the floor. Start by bending your right leg so that your inner knee is facing upward and your leg forms an ‘L’ shape. Do the opposite with your left leg so your inner knee is facing the ground. Start by rotating your torso to the right while keeping your legs in their position. Next, rotate to the left.


This stretch will really help to increase your mobility throughout your entire body. You’ll want to start in a pike position. This is bent over with your hands touching the floor. Slowly walk your hands forward until your body moves into a push up position. Stop moving your hands and, instead, start walking with your toes. Continue until you reach the original pike position and repeat.

Standing Ys

You’ll want to bend over and put your back in a position similar to a deadlift start position. Have a club in your hands in a supinated holding position. Pull your shoulder blades back and move your arms up to form a big ‘Y’. This will provide a nice stretch for your shoulders and back. Remember when you’re going through reps that your shoulder blades should be the part of your body initiating the movement, not your arms.

Enhancing your golf performance can be done with many different strategies. While you may have a strategy for improving your swing through practice, that shouldn’t be your only tactic to improve your performance. Rather, you should be employing the four exercises above to ensure you notice a marked improvement in your golf performance.

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