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4 Methods To Correct One Breast That's Larger Than the Other

4 Methods To Correct One Breast That's Larger Than the Other

You may have heard of people who have one foot that is larger than the other. Did you know that some women even have one breast that is larger than the other? More than half of the women in the world actually have this problem, so it is not unusual. Estrogen and progesterone have an effect of the size and development of breasts and many women have different hormones with more estrogen or progesterone from each other and develop breast asymmetry.

To fix this problem, many women start to get the smaller side of their chest more muscular in order to create a muscular lift to the smaller breast and make it seem the same size as the other. You can try all types of resistance trainings and other workouts to make the chest wall more muscular. You can start off with these three exercises.

Dumbbell Chest Presses

All that is needed in this exercise is a dumbbell, around two to five pounds, and a bench press that you can lie on with your knees bent. First, you want to lie with your back on the bench with your knees up and a dumbbell in your hand on the side of your body that has the smaller breast. Since you want to work on the side with the smaller breast to create a muscular lift, you will mostly be working on that side.

You want to place the hand that is not holding the dumbbell on your sternum, so that you can feel the muscles working and raise the dumbbell into a ninety degree angle with your elbow bent and the dumbbell parallel to the floor. Then put your arm out straight, all while holding your wrist straight. This particular workout works out your pectoralis major, which are muscles in your chest. Repeat this motion until you can feel the burn, then do five more.

4 Methods To Correct One Breast That's Larger Than the Other

Dumbbell Flyes

To work on your pectoralis minor, the muscles below the pectoralis major in your chest, you can participate in one-arm dumbbell flyes. For this workout, just stay in the same position you were for the chest presses with your knees bent. You can feel the muscles working by placing your hand that is not associated with the side of your smaller breast near your armpit below your collarbone.

Keep your elbow bent and raise the dumbbell to the center of your chest with your elbow bent and the dumbbell perpendicular to the floor. Lower your arm to the side and then back again to the center of your chest. You can do these exercises in sets until you can feel your muscles are strained and tired.

Using a Foam Roller

By using a foam roller, you can start off by placing your head and spine on the foam roller. Once again, feet flat, knees bent. Put your arms out flat in a “T” shape and then raise your left hand straight upward with your right hand still extended out. As soon as you lower your left hand, start raising your right hand until it is straight and the left is down. Keep doing this to strengthen the core of your chest and chest muscles.

Cosmetic Surgery is Always an Option

When you can’t seem to get your breasts equal in size, you can always turn to cosmetic surgery to get guaranteed results. A cosmetic surgeon can make the necessary adjustments to your chest to make sure both of your breasts are the same size. Instead of being lopsided or uneven, the surgeon will take the time to get both of your breasts the same size. A breast lift might be the answer you have been looking for all along. Take the time to speak with the surgeon about the various options available to you.

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