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12 Good Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

12 Good Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Now more than ever is the time for small businesses, that, if we take advantage.

Until recently it was unthinkable for a small business afford the “luxury” of investing in a marketing campaign. At this time, thanks to the Internet, this is already possible at an affordable price.

We propose some formulas of marketing so you know where to start. In some cases, if you do like you, free and in others, the costs are bearable.

12 Good Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Here we go:

1. Hire a web page.  Whatever the activity of your company, will help secure even if your business is local level, think about how people are buying. More and although they end up buying at the corner store, searching for information online, why not have a platform to offer your customers that information ?. The windows are not only in traditional trades, are now virtual, and are the web. Can you do without this showcase for your company although it local?

2. Create your own branding. You need to differentiate yourself from others. Need a logo that represents your values ​​and business philosophy.

3. Make yourself a small company presentation.  You do not need expensive and complicated; you just need something clear, simple and direct. You upload it to YouTube, you’ll be amazed the number of visits you can get.

4. Open a blog on your own website.  We allow timely reporting on all matters that relate to your business and which may be of interest to your potential customers. Have a fashion store? Talk about trends, fashion shows, gives advice on different looks!

5. Join social networks. Study them well; think which one can encompass a larger volume of your target audience. As you most likely are materially impossible in all, choose one. It is better to have a single, well attended all, abandoned.

6. Register in directories local, regional and / or national, depending on the activity of your company;

7. Sign up in the yellow pages. It is one of the most complete directories.

8. Send press releases to specialized media. In your sector emphasizing some type of service or product that you offer and differentiates you from others;

9. Create a database of your customers. You will be able to send email campaigns regularly with news, offers, etc.

10. Do not forget to sign up at Google Map and Google Places.

11. Offer your products on sites like:  Groupalia, Mequedouno, Lets Bonus, through them come to thousands of customers.

12. Interact with your same industry companies. Engaged in the same as you, does not necessarily mean they are your competition; such relationships often lead to good collaborations.

Platinum Web Media is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our marketing experts have a lot of experience in ranking businesses high in the Google seven packs.

Free what is said there is nothing free but some of these proposals if they are, when do you start.  Remember that at this time, a small business can compete with other much stronger, almost, almost equal.

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