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UAE’s Corporate Bodies Adopting Health, Safety & Environment Regulations Fiercely

UAE’s Corporate Bodies Adopting Health, Safety & Environment Regulations Fiercely

With growing numbers of expats and locals seeking good jobs and switching employment rigorously, respectively, there are many initiatives on the block that aims towards offering better workplaces for them. The major one is Health Safety and Environmental ventures that work towards offering better and healthier spaces for employees to work. Trailing this scenario, even the jobs in the domain have also increased by leaps and bounds.

Let us see what HSE is all about, what are the initiatives and what kind of employment the domain generates:

The United Arab Emirates has grown economically over the years; with merely being an oil exporting country to a full-fledged space that is currently accommodating innumerable domains, their professionals and much to the delight of the lot, a slew of jobs and improved hiring trends.

Employment Market and Trends:

Looking at the hard data, it is fairly visible that the economy of the UAE is second largest in Arab world with 71 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) coming in from non-oil sector and the remaining pitching in from the oil and gas domain. This evolution is a result of years of efforts that were directed towards welcoming more and more foreign investors from around the globe.

These investments have resulted into uprising of private sectors in the emirates and thereby opportunities to flourish the careers have also gone up. The industries that have diversified the UAE’s economy and created maximum jobs for the employment seekers are construction sector, manufacturing bases and a thriving services sector.

Furthermore, with the prestigious World Expo bid win by Dubai, the doors to welcome plethora of jobs has also knocked hard. Encapsulating the same development, a latest report published on a known news portal disclosed that jobs in the UAE have gone up by 8 per cent and the trend is going to continue. Apart from this, another positive point highlighted in the report is that UAE’s economy trajectory is going up and the non-oil sector is flourishing and listing out jobs at a higher pace.

Expats Flocking the UAE:

The population of expats flocking the UAE has gone high over the years, with percentage rising to 8 per cent. The reason being foreign inward investment to promote private sector firms and another being the expo win has also lighted up the employment market and thus, the job prospects.

Another important hard fact as per the International Journal of Business & Management, the expats are keener on joining private sector and are they are warmly accepted as well as the former are considered skillful both on technical and organizational grounds. If we talk about the local talents, i.e. the UAE residents, then these professionals tend to join public sectors owing to their cultural constraints that somehow prohibit them to undergo sometime grueling working hours or the working environment in the private firms, which is very open and highly interactive.

The reason for such massive flocking in the both the sectors is backed up by number of reasons like booming economy, inward foreign investment and high per capita income, to list a few. The hard numbers prove that no matter what the future of the UAE’s employment market is job seekers will keep on eyeing and approaching the country for jobs and better standard of living.

Now that the employment market of UAE is expecting a smooth turn ahead and is also ready to welcome professionals from all over the world, joining different domains here, is it not worthy to understand and know what these companies have in store for them?

Do they possess any type of health and safety initiatives for making the surrounding or the working environment of the professionals healthy and excellent? What importance does occupational safety hold for professionals who join oil and gas sector that offers a working environment full of hazardous elements?

Let us Discuss the Significant Aspect Now and Here:

Occupational Safety

Now, the meaning of occupational safety has changed a lot; it has taken a giant leap from being applicable to job roles that involved working in hazardous environment of oil and gas domain to now being implemented across all job operations that pose high risks at the work place.

Both private and public sectors in the UAE are publicizing jobs related to health & safety and are hiring on a faster pace professionals who can structure and organize standard procedures catering to occupational safety of the employee.

There are government bodies and some autonomous ones as well who are in a continued process of structuring and asking corporate bodies to devise codes of occupational safety in their policies.

It is now imperative to discuss these initiatives that such functional bodies have made and further, the opportunities that the department has created for talented professionals across the globe.

UAE’s Corporate Bodies Adopting Health, Safety & Environment Regulations Fiercely

Education Councils Take a Step Forward:

UAE is a big country with different federations operating under it. Abu Dhabi is the second largest of all the federations and has actively participated towards devising stringent health safety and environment (HSE) codes and regulations to make a work place healthier and safer.

One such highlighting initiative has been taken by Abu Dhabi Education Council, wherein there are certain services that the organization has to offer to the companies across different domains with special emphasis given to educational bodies and related firms. The initiative assures to deliver a healthy and safe education environment for the staff and students, both. There are millions of universities now that have used and adopted the services and are standing class apart when it comes to offering better places to work and study.

The Education council of Abu Dhabi is aggressively working on dishing out more such services for its clients and do have many such offerings lined up. Over a period of time, the department has risen up and has also given ample job opportunities to actually talented and knowledgeable people working in the HSE arena. The professionals who have been credited to devise such services are mainly expats who are considered to possess good technical and organizational know-how.

Free Zone Corporations Joining In

Well, one of the most westernized and developed cities of the UAE, Dubai, has not left any stone unturned when it comes to offering better and healthier workplaces for the employee to work. The Department of Planning & Development & Free Zone Corporation has been working in this area and has devised many such HSE regulations.

Another important role that the government body plays is educating employees who work in the HSE domain about how they can improvise the legacy regulatory body operating the corporates. The government firm also makes sure that the study curriculum also offers training on maintaining good relations with the clients and a healthier workplace to deal with the stake holders.

In order to make the venture a success the government body has employed teaching staff that is already trained on imparting knowledge on HSE basics and even the advanced courses.

Over the tenure of months, the employment market has also given a lot of space for such tutors to take advantage and get settled in such jobs. One can’t deny the fact that after real estate and construction, it is the education domain that is creating jobs for professionals and job seekers.

Oil & Gas Companies Are Also In:

Oil and Gas industry is one such sector where the employees in engineering and technical department are exposed to hazardous elements owing to grueling working needs. There are certain initiatives taken by these companies on their own that are well supported by the government bodies in implementing HSE regulations. This is making sure that despite working in such scenarios, the health of the employee remains good and environment should not be kept on stake.

These companies are also employing executives and managers for performing and devising such codes well into the corporate policies and functioning. There has been an increased demand of a pool of talented professionals who can inspect and implement regulations in different upstream and downstream oil companies.

Before We Put an End

Health, Safety and Environment are mere not words; these are important factors that needs to be inculcated into the corporate bodies. The occupational safety is very much required at the work place; be it the oil and gas fields or a job role that needs grueling working hours. With environmental issues rising and giving birth to different health concerns, implementing HSE regulations have become a grave concern. With many corporate bodies already implementing, it’s the need of the hour that other companies in different sectors should also devise such wonderful government initiatives.

Author Bio:

Vineeta Tiwari is a professional writer and reviewer, who enjoy writing for any genre ranging from real estate, hiring & recruitment to technology. She has been making use of her writing skills to carve a niche for herself in the communication domain for quite some time now. Currently, she is writing informative write-ups for a variety of known brands in the mentioned domains.

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