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Traveller’s Perspective On Drunk Driving

Traveller's Perspective On Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the greatest tragedies in western culture. Most people know somebody who has died as a result. Despite that it has a justifiably negative stigma, people continue to drive while they are under the influence of alcohol without worrying about the negative consequences. But receiving a DUI or a DWI can impact an individual for the rest of his or her life. If they are interested in world travel, their record of having one of these demerits can negatively impact or incapacitate their ability. If you are traveling somewhere such as Australia, you should understand the policies so that you can prepare and take the proper precautions.

Traveller's Perspective On Drunk Driving

Electronic Travel Authority

When you travel to Australia, there are a few documents that you will need to obtain. The most important document to obtain is an Electronic Travel Authority, or an ETA. They are required for entrance in Australia, particularly if you are visiting for a short period of time for a vacation or business visitor activities. (However, if you are traveling to Australia for work, you will have to obtain a work visa.) But if you have a DUI or any criminal record, it can sometimes take a long time to obtain an ETA. The process sometimes takes nearly two months. So before booking a flight, you should ensure that you allow an appropriate amount of time for your ETA to process.

Vehicle Rentals

When you visit Australia, you probably need to know that you will be able to rent a vehicle so that you can get around. The process is not much different from the process in the United States. You just need to be a licensed driver and be able to pay for the vehicle. But if you have a DUI, you may run into a few problems. Many companies will not rent a car to somebody who has had a DUI within the last four years. Prior to travel, ensure that you make the appropriate arrangements. Either contact a few companies, wait the appropriate amount of time or find a way to travel without renting a vehicle.

Long Term Visit

If you are studying abroad in Australia or you are planning to study abroad, then you cannot omit that you have had a traffic offense. The government could revoke your student visa if they discover that you had a DUI. So when you are applying for your visa, ensure that you state that you had a DUI in Form 80. When you are filling out the form, just check “Yes” in response to convictions and write “Traffic Offense.” If they ask for details, then inform them that you had a DUI.

The Character Test

When you visit Australia, you will need to take what is known as a Character Test, which is to say that you will have to inform them of all of your traffic history and criminal background. You will likely still be accepted (unless you have a substantial criminal or traffic record) but it will be delayed.

While having a DUI can have a lot of legal consequences and will create inconvenient situations, travel is still possible. You can still go to Australia and go to that university that you have always admired.


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