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Tourism In South Africa: What To See, Visit and Do In Cape Town

Tourism In South Africa: What To See, Visit and Do In Cape Town

Rated among the most beautiful cities on the planet; Cape Town will not disappoint you.

In and around Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa, there are plenty of places of interest and great things to see and do.

Clifton Beach

There are actually 4 beaches, all with sparkling clear waters, clean sand and each one is separated by large rock formations. Clifton Beach is very pretty, and quite close to residential areas, but after parking your card, a set of stairs takes you down to the beach and the rocks. You can then walk from beach to beach by walking through the rocks. The water however, is refreshingly cold!

A little further south of Clifton Beach, you will find Camps Bay, and further down the coast, you reach Hout Bay.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay is busier and livelier than Clifton Beach, being very popular with  tourists. There are restaurants and shops on the promenade. The most interesting thing is that from one end of the bay (the one that is farther north, closer to Clifton) you can see the mountainous area known as “the twelve apostles”.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay is the most picturesque of the three areas, it’s not so much the beach itself, but because of its natural environment. There are several viewpoints on the road that continues to the south all with great views. In addition, being further away from the city there are far fewer people. It is calmer and more family-friendly. There are several kiosks and restaurants where you can eat great food. The fish is recommended!

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Located at the foot of Table Mountain, this garden has an amazing diversity of flowers. It is considered one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. It can easily be reached within a couple of hours from Cape Town, and it’s well worth the visit.

Signal Hill

No better way to end the day than watching a sunset from one of the 3 mountains that surround the city, Signal Hill.

It is the third highest mountain in Cape Town, after Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. You can see the whole of city and enjoy some beautiful sunsets. You can drive to the top and park and just sit and enjoy the views and the sunset.

Table Mountain

One of the seven natural wonders of the world. It truly is spectacular. You can take a cable car to the top. You can also walk up, but it is very steep, and it takes a good three hours. Once at the top, the views are impressive.

You can see all of Cape Town and its surroundings. It is also a good place to get your bearings by identifying the many attractions you can see from the top.

Try to choose a good day when the weather is clear, so you can really enjoy the views.

These are just some of the many great things to do in Cape Town so be sure to plan ahead to fit them all in your visit!

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