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The Ultimate Guide To Packing For A Trip To London

London is one of the best cities in the world, known for it’s rich history, quintessentially British culture, the best museums and galleries, a great amount of greenery, exceptional business districts, unbelievable shopping and some of the best food and drink in the world. So, if you’re planning a trip, we really don’t blame you! You’ve selected a fantastic city, so we’re here to help you pack for your trip so you can make the most of your time in the city. 


An Umbrella and Waterproof Coat

First up on our list of things you need to pack for a trip to London is an umbrella and a waterproof coat! As you’d probably know, the weather in London is very turbulent, and often very rainy, so packing an umbrella and a waterproof coat is a must. Go for something stylish so you will look and feel amazing all day, like a simple black coat and umbrella or a lightweight waterproof trench coat for the warmer months. Even just a fold up waterproof would be worth it if the weather is looking a bit unpredictable! Worst case scenario, the shopping in London is fantastic, so you know you’ll be able to buy anything you need if the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

This will mean you are able to keep exploring without being affected by the weather, as you don’t want anything to hold you back! The good thing is though, if you do get a rainy day, you’re also very likely to have a sunny day whilst you’re in London, as the weather changes so often. 


Sunglasses and Suncream

Next up, we have sunglasses and suncream, just to go back to the point of the weather being very turbulent. You won’t need to worry about sunglasses and suncream in the Winter, but if you are visiting in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, you’ll definitely need your sunglasses and suncream in the Summer. There are some great sunglass stores around London, particularly in the super fancy stores like Selfridges and Harrods if you have a slightly bigger budget. 

London is such a beautiful place, so you are likely to want to walk around as much as you can, particularly to explore the beautiful greenery like Regents Park and Hyde Park. What we’re trying to say is that you will be spending a lot of time outside, so you need to protect your skin! 


Smart-Casual Clothing

In the daytime in London, people won’t be super dressy, so you should stick to smart-casual clothing. So, take a combination of jeans, t-shirts, a blazer, trousers, open shirts, shackets, a stylish raincoat, lightweight sweaters, fun accessories and slip dresses. You might only need to pack around 10-12 things, but you will have a whole host of wonderful outfits to enjoy throughout your time there. You can easily dress things up and down depending on where you’re heading for the day. For a day out in Mayfair, you might want to wear a slightly smarter outfit like a slip dress with a blazer and trainers, then for a day of shopping you might go more casual. Just one tip – make sure that you leave enough room in your suitcase to pack everything that you will be buying when you’re in London! 


A Dressy Evening Outfit

Whilst daytimes in London are usually smart-casual, you can definitely get dressed up in the evenings. You can go for smarter trousers, skirts, going out dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, hells, whatever you feel confident in! If you want to go edgy when heading to Camden, you certainly can, and make sure to dress up if you’re heading to Mayfair or Fitzrovia specifically, as these are the fanciest areas of London. 

So, leave your trainers at home on your night out and get ready to have a blast in London, with one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the world. Whilst we’re on the topic of evenings out, make sure that you pack your ID with you when heading out to bars and clubs, as bouncers in the UK are usually very strict when it comes to this! 


Comfortable Shoes

As we said, although London has great public transport options all over the city, including electric taxis, the famous London buses, the tube (London Underground) and trains, but one of the best ways to see the city is by walking. If you’re in London for a few days, choose different areas to explore so you’re not walking miles and miles everyday, but you can still explore by foot and take in all of the beautiful sights and quaint side streets. 

When you’re doing this, of course, you’re going to need comfortable shoes. Definitely don’t buy new shoes for the trip and take them without wearing them in, as you will definitely suffer with pain and blisters. So, take shoes that you know you will be comfortable in when you’re walking all over the city! Either very comfy boots or trainers are usually the best options here, or your comfiest sandals in the summer. 


A Cross Body Bag

Next up, you’ve got to take a cross body bag with you to London. As with any big city, there is the risk of pick pockets, so the best way to keep your belongings completely safe is by packing them in a cross body bag. Choose a decent sized one so you can carry all the essentials you need for the day in one place! If you have space, roll up a small tote bag to keep in your bag, so that you have a bag on hand for any London souvenirs or shopping you pick up during your trip! 

If you want to buy a new cross body bag to remind you of your time in London, there are so many beautiful British brands who create the most amazing handbags that will last you a lifetime. 


If you’re coming from abroad, last but not least, remember to pack the electronics you need, with the most important being a travel adapter. This is a must in the UK where the plugs will almost certainly be different, plus buying them in the centre of London will be a big tourist trap so remember to get them beforehand. If you have been to Europe before, the UK needs different plugs, so you will likely have to buy new ones. If you have universal adaptors, there should be a UK plug on there! This will make sure that you have no issues when you arrive if you need to charge your phone in an emergency. 

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