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Pros And Cons Of Using Computer System

The computer system has made us to think nothing is impossible for us to do. The use of computer systems is common for every person in the world. They are making use by All age people for different purpose. The advantages of computer are more when compared with their disadvantages. Its provide you a fruitful result if you are using it in a positive way. The pros of system depend on the way you are making use of it. You generally come across with the problems of maintaining them and providing a proper cable connection, you can contact electrician in Blacktown to help you better.

Pros And Cons Of Using Computer System

Pros of Computer System

  • The computer is used in almost all the applications like telemetry, aerospace, Business, modeling, Calculations, monitoring and controlling, Text, Pictures, Satellites, Telecommunications, and for some miscellaneous activities.
  • It helps in the medical field to maintain the data of the patient and the necessary information about the patient.
  • For communicating with your friends and relatives.
  • We can talk with the friends living somewhere in the world just because of the help of the computer.
  • We can transfer the report of a patient to the doctor living somewhere and can take prescription from it.
  • You can control the traffic by analyzing the strength of the traffic and provide signals according to it.
  • In military for sending signals and communicating with other country people.
  • Taking pictures and then sending them to your loved ones.
  • Grab any type of information by sitting at your home like you can find out the location of interviews, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema halls, entertainment places, parks in a particular area.
  • You can see movies on the system
  • Calculate the cost of your home budget.
  • You can maintain your personal diaries.
  • Play games.
  • Chat with friends and even strangers on social networking sites.
  • Computer helps us to connected globally with the people.
  • You can see the weather information.
  • You can book tickets online.
  • You can pay bills like light, water, cable, internet, recharge cards, mobile phone bills all these we can do by sitting at home.
  • We can even work from home and earn money.
  • We can take online classes if you have problems with the transport facility.

Cons of Computer System

  • Lack of exercise, people stop doing physical work, that leads to health problems.
  • Children education gets ruined by watching movies and playing games.
  • Eyesight increases.
  • Some people get addicted to the wrong activity special teenagers like they start watching a vulgar movie, they spent too much time on chatting with the friends.
  • Sitting continuously affects the spinal cord of the human body.

The cons of using a system are very less when compared with its pros. If you are using a system in a correct way it will provide you the fruitful result. If you have any problem related to the connection of your system you can call your local commercial electrician in Chatswood.

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