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Live Sustainably In An Apartment Using These 4 Tips

Apartment dwellers are in a constant struggle with remaining eco-friendly when being limited by their landlord’s rules. But thanks to the ingenuity of others, people are becoming more green even with the space restrictions of an apartment.

Grow an Indoor Garden

Live Sustainably In An Apartment Using These 4 Tips
Image via Flickr by noricum

Nothing tastes better than food that was grown by your hands and sweat. But, having a home-grown garden is difficult two stories above the dirt. Thankfully, there are many options out there from wall gardens to dirt-caked casserole dishes. There are also many apartments with community gardens, allowing you to bond with other tenants over the smell of fresh soil and homegrown plants.
You can check out your local apartment reviews to find which complexes offer these services. Whichever way you grow your goods, it’s a relatively easy, delicious way to spice up your life and show off to your vegetarian friends.

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners

Live Sustainably In An Apartment Using These 4 Tips
Pic via Flickr by bradleypjohnson

Fashion your own non-toxic all-purpose cleaners with simple, safe, household items. Baking soda can be used as laundry detergent, along with removing those hard-water stains from your 50-year-old sink. Use white vinegar to rub down countertops and to remove mildew.
For a homemade air freshener, leave coffee ground on the countertop soaks up odors (and who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?). You can also pop lemon peels down the garbage disposal to eliminate funky smells.

Avoid Using Phantom Energy

Live Sustainably In An Apartment Using These 4 Tips
Pic via Flickr by State Farm

No, this is not a supernatural phenomenon, but rather a common occurrence of energy escaping electronic devices even when they are not in use. This happens when an appliance is left plugged in and ready to use while you’re getting your nails done or harpooning a whale or whatever it is you do during the day.
The best way to avoid these electrical specters is to simply unplug devices when not in use or use a surge protector and flip it off when you leave for the day.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Live Sustainably In An Apartment Using These 4 Tips
Pic via Flickr by SOCIALisBETTER

Almost everything you own can be repurposed and reused into something adorable and crafty. Seriously, one quick perusal of Pinterest and you’ll be blown away at all the trash people were able to make beautiful again. Even if you aren’t crafty, you can sell your items to people who will turn your trash into treasures. Make use of Craigslist and eBay to sell items that are gently used or slightly damaged (just be sure to give specific details of any issues the item has).
If an item is beyond any form of reuse, instead of chucking it into the nearest trash bin, put it in a recycling center so professionals can break it down and turn it into something new altogether.
Living in an apartment is stressful at times, but if done correctly and with a touch of creativity it can transform a normal unit into an eco-friendly haven. And if this hasn’t convinced you, spend any amount of time on the Internet and you can find inspiration from any of the thousands of people living efficiently in an apartment.

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