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How To Store Linens, Drapes & Curtains

Fabrics are all over the house in the form of linens, curtains, and drapes. These fabrics are an essential part of the household, whether it’s providing decoration or comfort, and tend to be kept for years on end. Sometimes, they all need to be put away, whether it’s for a move or home renovation. There is a right way to store your home linens so that they look just as good coming out of the box as when they went in.

Ways to Store Linens

Storing your materials properly is important; you want to ensure that you don’t get permanent creases that make it so you can never use the item ever again. You can either hang or fold, depending on how much space you have. For the most part, fabrics do fine for a few months in either method without an issue, but leaving them folded or hanging too long weakens the fibers as well as creating a permanent crease.

Wash your linens before putting them away. Taking this step rids your items of the normal particulate matter that accumulates over time. This is dust, dander from pets, odors from everyday living and so on. Eliminating them now prevents any of these items from decaying and creating even stronger odors. Ever open up a storage closet and it smells really musty? This is why.
Hanging is the best possible way to store everything if at all possible. This is especially important for drapes which are already accustomed to being hung. You are also less likely to have to deal with sending them out to the cleaners for a pressing afterwards, which means you spend less time hanging them up again.
If you don’t have the space, folding in boxes is fine. You want to make sure that you pull them out and refold every once in a while if items are going to be stored for an extended period of time. Taking this step prevents the ever-dreaded permanent crease and weakening of the material, which eventually causes sagging.
When storing in boxes, put the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest ones on top. This avoids crushing the fluffier items such as comforters. It also prevents damage that can be caused by a heavy weight sitting on top of things for months.
Store linens in a cool, dark and dry atmosphere. Heat, moisture and light are all enemies of linen, so keep exposure to these influences to a minimum. Heat and moisture invite mildew and mold while light sources fade fabric. There is nothing worse than having a big patch of faded material in the middle of a blanket or drape.

Materials to Use When Storing Linens

Store linens in items that are designed for the purpose, such as acid-free paper, boxes or muslin bags. Plastic and vinyl bags can damage your items. The least damage that plastic does is to not allow the fabric to breathe, which causes odor to build up. Plastic and vinyl also deteriorates, imparting a smell to your materials which can be downright impossible to get rid of. Avoid stinky linens and buy proper storage receptacles for them.
Taking the steps to properly store your household linens saves you money in the long run. You have less to press when you pull them out, eliminating the need to go to the cleaners. The lack of damage means you don’t have to spend money to replace one item or a whole bunch. Ultimately, the items come out of storage in the way you put them in, which means you can use them right away and get comfy in your new dwelling.
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