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How to Increase Your Vegetable Garden Yield This Year

How to Increase Your Vegetable Garden Yield This Year

If you are going thru the effort of planning, planting, caring, and growing your plants, you naturally want to get the most out of it. Since having your garden is proven healthy for you in more ways than one, it’s worth every penny and can provide even more. Health benefits from gardening and getting out in the open are numerous and well known. 

As is eating the food that you have grown yourself and can vouch that is organic. To top it all off, you are saving a bit of money which is simply the cherry on top. With all of the above, no one would like it if all of their efforts, time, and money went to waste or didn’t meet the expectations set. In that case, we offer some simple tips to get the maximum out of your home, backyard garden as you deserve no less than that.

Location, location, location

As in real estate, location is king. Planting cultures that, for example, require intense and plenty of sunlight in the shade or vice versa is a common mistake. For this example, if you plant cultures that are not adjusted or from your climate, that can also backfire. Have you ever seen palm trees, mangos, and bananas in Siberia? There is a reason for this. 

Make a plan of what you would like to grow and where. Then cross-reference it with the conditions from your garden and country. If you have lots of rain with a bit colder climate, adapt and plant the cultures that thrive in that. Tomatoes and corn love the Sun, while broccoli and carrots like to chill in the shade. You know this like the back of your palm, so while you hold the seeds in it, study up and get planting.

Mother nature needs your help

In more ways than mentioned here, but that’s a topic for a different debate. What you can focus on here is to help and boost your plants right in front of you. There is plenty you can do, starting from the soil, water, and natural allies. Composting is not a fancy term, nor is it complex. Simple leftovers from the kitchen can become compost. The leftover grounded coffee can boost plant growth and keeps some insects at bay. Or take a step further and getting diatomaceous earth which can help your plants and keep those pesky ants, bedbugs, flies, fleas, etc. away.

Proper watering that is adequate to your selected plant cultures helps them grow and provide more. Also, Mother Natures’ little critters can be useful. Ladybugs eat plant lice and nothing else, while bees can help with pollination. There is no need for pesticides, as you can also use Dead Nettle, that’s been in a water bucket for a day. Such a thing is great, as both a fertilizer and to drive pests away.

Prolong the harvest

If you simply want to plant more and various cultures, then you can have something to harvest almost an entire year-round. You can start growing early cultures in your Greenhouse and then replant them once the climate is appropriate. After those are done, plant the cultures that come next and when colder months come, you can finish the harvest by moving them again to the Greenhouse. Consider the place a haven to pick up you’re gardening at any time you want. 

Also, one more thing to add here is to use your seeds. That way you don’t rely on suppliers, and you know the cultures you’re using. They come from your backyard, after all. And, again, these save you money and are proven to be effective. Familiarity with something is always welcome.

Getting more from your backyard garden can be easy as one, two, three. Equipped with knowledge, expertise, and the power of nature at your side, your garden can strive all year long. All you are left to do is to reap the benefits and enjoy the succulent taste of your labour. There is nothing like it.

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