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How To Create Adverts Your Target Audience Will Want To Click

Each time a user types a keyword into the search engines they’re inundated by advertisements. Each one is fighting for the precious click that will hopefully be turned into a client or customer.  Consumers now see adverts wherever they go, it’s on bus stops, magazines, the news, online, on the backs of receipts and television. As a result consumers are becoming immune, which is why the immediate response to an ad is often ‘no thanks’ even if they are interested. So when it comes to online marketing you have to be creative and find ways to get people to click and to convert, which isn’t easy.

 How To Create Adverts Your Target Audience Will Want To Click

Reaching Out in the Saturated Market

When you use pay per click advertising on Google you are given just 95 characters including spaces to come up with some copy that’s going to get you some leads. You need to make yourself irresistible or intriguing in these characters, and fight off the rest of the competition in the search engine results pages. It may sound impossible but it’s not, here are a few tips for you to take away with you and use in your campaigns to ensure your adverts aren’t ignored by your target audience.

 Be Transparent – People Want to Know Your Prices

Price is important and so is value for money. Customers like companies who are immediately transparent. They don’t want to have to dig deep or contact your call centre to see how much money they’re going to need to part with for your incredible services. Show your prices on your adverts, be kind to your consumers and they will appreciate you. You don’t have to give your lowest prices, but you can show your value and help them compare in the search engines. Plus if you get people to click when they know your price range they are less likely to run away without buying anything when they discover you’re out of their budget.

Calls to Action Work Wonders

You have to give the users of the search engines a reason to click on your ad and calls to actions work very well. Tell them what it is that you want them to do, put some urgency into your copy and let them know that there is a great benefit awaiting them if they are to come and visit your website right now.

How To Create Adverts Your Target Audience Will Want To Click

Make the Most of Every Character You’re Given

You need to create a catchy headline that’s no longer than 25 characters followed by two description lines that give you 35 characters each. That’s not a lot so you will need to create ad copy that’s concise and directly to the point.  If you have trouble with words you’re probably better off seeking the help of a professional such as PPC consultants who can make your ad copy work effectively.  Make sure you use multiple adverts too, don’t stick to the same copy, so come up with multiple ads and pay close attention to the ones that convert and the ones that don’t.

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