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How To Get Pumpkin Spice Hair Colour

How to Get Pumpkin Spice Hair Colour

Fall has just begun and everyone is looking on the trending hairstyle to spice their hair for the holidays. Pumpkin spice colour is the current trending hairstyle. Before spicing your hair, consult a professional hair stylist. Selecting the colour that complements your complexion and matches your skin colour. Given below are the tips on how to get pumpkin spice hair colour. Choosing the correct colour to spice your hair will make you have a great season with that gorgeous look.

Find the colour that matches your skin tone

When selecting colour shades to spice your hair, select a colour that matches your skin tone. Different colours look different on various people, so you should not compare the look of another person with what you want. Copper and orange tones look better on a fair skin tones. Amber and honey colours look good on darker skin tones. Consult a beauty expert to find a customized colour that will complement your skin tone and make you look fabulous and stylish. There are plenty hairstyle ideas for girls, making everyone to have a chance to have their hair done and look great.

Chose the base colour first

The base colour is the one that defines the final outcomes of all dye jobs. When you make a wrong choice of a base colour, it will affect the overall results. For you to achieve the desired results and have that outstanding and attractive look, you should consider base colour before selecting pumpkin spice to shade your hair. Beauty experts recommend deep copper tone and dark golden hues on dark brunettes. Middle brunette shade spectrum should consider using golden tones and medium coppers. Those with lighter hair should choose golden and copper tones to highlight their hair. For the pumpkin spice hair to come out well on you, mix different shades of colour that will accentuate your complexion.

Do colour melting

For you to have a dimensional feel and give your pumpkin hair an attractive look, try and mix various colour that locks your hairstyle. Highlight your hair using shades that are lighter than the base colour. Highlight your hair from the middle to the ends, for it to look stylish and define your hair depth. Colour melting will make you look attractive and classy. Select colours that complement each other.

Make frequent visits to your hair stylist

One of the hairstyle ideas for girls is to make frequent visits to your hair stylist, in order to maintain the quality of your hair. You should not wait for it to fade away as it will be difficult to spice it again. Pumpkin hair spices are the hardest to maintain if you fail to treat it often.

Love your hair colour

If you don’t like your hair shades, it will never look good on you despite how many complements you get. Shades of pumpkin spice have different meaning on different individuals. Select the colour that pleases you and avoid comparing yourself with others. If you like to look natural, find the colour that is close to your skin tone. Layers of different colours will give you a dimensional look. Communicate with your stylist on the colours that you want on your hair.

Protect your hair colour

Taking care of your spiced hair will make it maintain its greatness for a longer time. Condition and shampoo your treated hair to prevent it from being damaged by chemicals found on the dyes. Protect your hair from excess heat for you to have an amazing look. Contact a professional hair stylist to give you tips on how to protect your highlighted hair from damages. Get a deeper understanding of different hair spicing options, so that you can select the best spicing for your hair.


As the holiday season begins, people look for the most trending and attractive hairstyles to make them look great and have an awesome holiday moment. Currently, the most trending hairstyle is the pumpkin spice hair. It will make you have a gorgeous look for the holiday. Your hair can be highlighted in different shades to make you look stylish and attractive. When selecting the colour to dye your hair, you should first consider the base colour as it is the one to define your final outlook. Spicing your hair with a shade of colour that is nearing your skin tone will give you a dimensional look. There are different colours available to fit on different occasions. To maintain the greatness and the quality of your hair, treat it frequently using shampoo and conditioner. A dye treated hair should be protected to avoid fading away and damages caused by harsh environment.

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