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Finding The Best Professional Credit Repair Software

Finding The Best Professional Credit Repair Software

Professional credit repair software is confusing, but highly needed. It offers the digital tools essential for anyone to flourish in growing a fresh credit repair business. The features list is tremendous and everything the functionality is housed under one roofing. Buying credit repair software enables you to become hands-off with most operating procedures.

Finding The Best Professional Credit Repair Software

Why Credit Repair Software is essential

Every credit repair business should use credit repair software. This technology can help you lessen tedious labor. You could run the show with fewer staff members – while offering your clients faster. The quality assurance will are present, it doesn’t matter how large your business businesses range. Consistency in your strategies is essential that is certainly what best credit repair software for business gives you.

Popular Features in Credit Repair Software

Credit repair software features can be broken into a brief list of parts. These are internet marketer, consumer and dispute management, automated tools, CRM system and private labels. Take a peek below for a few insight on what includes each one of these feature categories.

Affiliate Management

Get rid of the stress of operating an affiliate program. The affiliate management interface displays data on your affiliates and their referrals. You can record converted leads in live time – which your affiliates can also see in their own dashboard. Further, most professional credit repair software products let you choose custom fee levels. This implies you can sweeten the incentive for your very best affiliates.

Client Management

Imagine a customer database that’s completely intuitive and designed to work with one to help your business be successful. Your client management dashboard in credit repair software accomplishes exactly that. In fact, there can be an comprehensive amount of information compiled and visualized here.

Some things your client management system might enable you to do includes:

Monitor client status (dynamic, pending, completed, etc.),

View and automatically notify clients of payments owing,

Leave notes on specific client files, and

Search through the databases and pull any file in seconds.

Not to forget, your client management interface also offers you your billing features. The way they work depends upon this service you utilize. For example, in TrackStar there’s a Demand Draft feature for on-demand billing purposes.

Dispute Management

The dispute management portal is your new favorite place. This part of each credit repair software dashboard simplifies a great deal responsibilities for your business. The most notable benefit comes in the proper execution of the automated dispute letter creation tool.

You no longer have to spend 5-10 minutes prepping each dispute letter for your clients. Credit repair software can help you build a personal notice within 10 a few moments. This severe time-saving measure means greater production and profitability. By eliminating this tedious activity, you can spend additional time focusing on marketing and consumer communications.

Automation Tools

Many automation tools exist within credit repair software. They are specific features that fit into different categories. For the intended purpose of this introduction, it is essential to pay them in their own section as well.

Searching your database. When undertaking a search, most softwares offer automated ideas. This automated features enables you to pull up a specific apply for whatever reason in less than three a few moments.

Daily backups. Some providers offer automated backups. For instance, with Turbo Dispute’s CRM software the servers are supported hourly. Many rivals only offer daily or weekly backups. With automated hourly backups, your small business can immediately retrieve lost data.

CRM System

The CRM side of your credit repair computer software will have many automated features hidden under the surface. The real power comes from lead management and contact tracking mechanisms. Some CRM system features in credit repair software include:

Private Labels

Every business buying credit repair software needs custom-made private labels. This feature simply enables you to put your own branding on all areas of the software. Your affiliate marketers and clients will only see your company’s name as well as your domains. This builds specialist for your credit repair business making customers trust you more.

How Much Will Credit Repair Software Cost?

Now that the features are out of the way, it’s the perfect time to “get right down to brass tacks,” and find out what credit repair software will really cost you. So, exactly what does it cost? The response to this question is us, alas, “this will depend,” because there are numerous pricing models that exist.

Monthly subscription fees: Most credit repair software products feature a chiseled monthly fee. The purchase price could vary depending on your clients size and specific requirements. Typically, credit repair business software costs from $300 to $900 monthly. This range covers the costs charged by a lot of the top level credit repair software services.

Per-seat licensing fees: Some credit repair software companies charge you based on the amount of clients using your system. This costs model can be good for a fresh startup that doesn’t turn a profit yet. However, it can increase costly as your business expands and switching to some other credit repair software might be too difficult later.

The 5 Best Credit Repair Business Software Products

Now, let’s enter a break down of among the better credit repair software on the market. The five listed below are all veterans in the credit repair software industry. Each have an identical arsenal of features and tools. However, while looking for the right software you must read into the little details to fully determine which will offer your company the greatest versatility.

By credit repair software review standards, 3 leading software products are:

Credit Score Techs

Founded in 2007, Credit Score Techs is continuing to grow to become a top contender in the credit repair software industry. Their software includes all the fundamentals any size business would need in a credit repair CRM tool.

Customer Service

You are able to call or email CREDIT HISTORY Techs if you ever run into an issue. The chance you will need support is slim as the program is straightforward and well-documented. Furthermore, they enhance a 99.9% uptime therefore you won’t need to reach out about sudden software outages.

TrackStar by HTDI

The self-proclaimed #1 choice for credit repair companies, TrackStar, is obviously a veteran in the forex market. The company came up alive in 2004, prior to the majority of their challengers. They provide everything you would want and coach you as well as your employees to work with their software when you first start. They even give a credit repair business training curriculum.

Their authority in this niche becomes noticeable when it comes the perfect time to request support of any sort. Certainly, if you would like to grow profitably as a credit repair business, they will help you do that.


Their pricing works on a pay-per-client basis, but there is no charge for your affiliates, brokers or leads. You need to contact these to get a precise price on what their software license will cost your business. When you do, create a led live demo to get a walkthrough of their software. This is actually the easiest way to see if their product is right for you.

Dispute Suite

After entering the market in 2006, Dispute Collection quickly rose to the top. Today these are children name in the credit repair software market. Supported by an extremely talented team, their software is as functional as the other two options here.

Customer Service

This area is where Dispute Collection really prospers. Their technical support can be found 24/7 through their ZenDesk ticketing system. Support by mobile phone is also available during business time throughout the week.


Credit repair software is now smarter and adapting to today’s advanced tech world. The countless tools found in credit repair CRM programs really can automate business businesses. In a nutshell, professional credit repair software is a must-have for just about any credit repair business.

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