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Dinner Table Etiquettes: The Must-Dos

Dinner Table Etiquettes: The Must-Dos

People often feel awkward when they are dining out at a friend’s place or at a fancy restaurant just because they lack the basic knowledge of table etiquettes. It’s difficult to pick up these habits overnight or by just looking at someone sitting next to you. Table manners have to be inculcated and practiced.

So, before you get invited to another formal dinner event, make sure you have read our pointers on the following table etiquettes.

1. For starters, wait for your host to invite to the table. Hover around the table for a few seconds just to make sure if you are being directed towards an assigned seat. If not, take a seat while others take theirs. While sitting down, instead of dragging your chair pull it inwards without making a scraping sound. 

2. After you are seated, take the napkin from the table immediately and neatly place it onto your lap. Maintain a straight posture and refrain from keeping your elbows on the table. 

3. It’s a good idea to play “follow the leader”. Observe your host when he or she gets seated on the table and follow their lead. Do not stare; that is considered impolite. Just occasionally observe your host and try to imbibe their actions – how they serve, eat, etc. 

Dinner Table Etiquettes: The Must-Dos

4. Notice the numbers of cutlery placed in front of you. If there are many utensils, then it probably means there will be more than just one meal course. Start your way from the outside and work your way in. in case of doubts, remember to observe your host. 

5. Do not start your meal unless everyone else seated on the table have been served food. Nothing will scream bad etiquette as starting your meal way before the other guests have been served. Once you begin, eat at a relaxed and slow pace, enjoying every bit and engaging in occasional conversations. 

6. Eat with your mouth closed and try to avoid making any sounds during eating – either with your cutlery on the plate or with your teeth. Do not chew your food with your mouth open. Also, avoid talking when there is food in your mouth. 

7. When someone asks for a particular food item to passed, pick up that item and place it next to your neighbour. Don’t reach out to the person from all across the table. Refrain from taking food from the dish before the person who asked for it does. Wait politely for them to help themselves and then request for the dish to be passed back to you. 

8. When you finish eating, keep your fork and knife parallel to one another with the fork tines facing downwards. This will indicate to your host that you have finished your meal.

Imbibing these manners is not difficult. With a little practice, you can become adept at following table etiquettes. Practice at home if you may. Remember, good manners reflect good personality.

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