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Celebrating Teddy Day With Adorable Online Gifting

The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is full of amazing days to celebrate with your love. Though in India, apart from Valentine’s Day celebrating all these other days is a trend that is just catching on, especially among youngsters and the college going crowd. Teddy Day appearing four days before the Valentine’s Day is one such celebration.

The Teddy Bear History

Like every new celebration has a story, so does Teddy Day. Not many people know, but the term Teddy Bear was coined up after the erstwhile President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. The story goes that Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip. A black bear was hunted down by his comrades and President Roosevelt was asked to shoot it. Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. The incident made waves in the newspapers. Many cartoons depicting the incident with the bear became popular, and eventually, the bear in the cartoons got cuter and smaller.

The owners of the Ideal Novelty and toy company Morris Michtom and his wife created the first bear soft toys that were inspired by the incident and the subsequent cartoons. “Teddy”, as Roosevelt was fondly called, was a name that gave the couple decided to use. They sent a toy bear to Roosevelt, seeking his permission, and thus the cuddly toy got its name “Teddy’s Bear”. Over time, innovations in material use and cuter, cuddly features morphed into what the world sees as Teddy Bears.

The Teddy Bear soon became a popular gifting item and started representing a gift for expressing liking, as a memoir for someone special one likes, and more recently as a token of one’s love.

Celebrating Teddy Day


Teddy Day is the third day celebrated in the Valentine’s Day celebration week and is seen as a great day to present a loved one with cute and lovable Teddy Day gifts. Those celebrating Teddy Day can look online for a number of gifting options online. Cute, cuddly, lovable teddy bear soft toys are available in a variety of colours and sizes and can be gifted online, without the hassles of searching the local store for a gift, getting it gift wrapped and delivering it.

Moreover, the online product category for soft toys and teddy bears can be clubbed along with other gifts like flower bouquets and baskets, cakes and chocolates, wines, personalized gift items, clothing and accessories, kitchenware, and many other varieties of gift hampers.

Gifting teddy bears online to friends and family is great convenient option, especially for those who have to spend Teddy Day outside the country, far away from loved ones. Teddy Day gifting is extremely simple. All one has to do is choose from the abundant products available on the site, add in sender and receiver details like name, address and phone numbers, choose a convenient mode of payment and date of delivery, and the special gift of love will be delivered right to the doorstep of the special person the gift is intended for. One can send soft teddy bears to loved ones to over five hundred different cities in India.

With online gifting, it is easy to voice out special feelings to loved ones with a huggable teddy bear!

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