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A Detailed Discussion On The Dishes To Try In China

A Detailed Discussion On The Dishes To Try In China

While some travel to visit the notable tourist attractions, there are many individuals, who spend their vacation in faraway destinations just for savoring the authentic and exceptionally delectable dishes prepared here. Are you planning to do the same? If yes, make sure to go through the following write-up, where I have jotted down names of some amazing food items that one must try when he or she is in China.

A Detailed Discussion On The Dishes To Try In China

The Chinese simply love to eat and feed. Such a characteristic trait coupled with extensive geographical as well as cultural variations of the said country would most surely allow your taste buds to be tantalized and treated.

  • Bō cài miàn comes first in this list and for all good reasons. It is a scrumptious noodles prepared primarily with spinach. Toppings of beef, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and chilies can also be added to enhance the overall appearance and flavor of this dish.
  • Well, all of us have tried fried rice and fried noodles at some point in our lives but chǎo má shi is a kind of pasta sautéed with tomato ketchup and vegetables such as green onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, and beans.
  • Kǎo ròu is perhaps the most renowned traditional food of China. It could be loosely referred to as the process of serving meat (pork, lamb, chicken, or beef) in BBQ style. Incredibly spicy, the dish is readily available in both posh restaurants and street food stalls.
  • When enjoying China luxury tours, make sure not to miss jiǎo zi or dumplings filled with different kinds of veggies or meat. It does not matter if you eat them steamed or fried, the taste of this dish could make you drool in any form. Dumplings are often served with dips prepared by mixing black vinegar and chili sauce.
  • Ròu jiā mó, also known as Chinese hamburger is an exceptionally tasty treat that especially your kids would enjoy. A patty is prepared by cooking ground pork with varied kinds of spices especially cloves and cardamom and then placed inside a bun.

With all the hot dishes stated above, are the sweet tooth out there getting a bit disappointed? Well, feel free to check out some of the major Chinese desserts mentioned below.

  • Crystal cake originated almost 800 years ago. The outer crust is made of starch, wheat flour, and oil while the filling is a mixture of lard, sugar, nuts, candied fruits, etc.
  • Soy or tofu pudding was introduced in China by the Hans Dynasty. Served with sugar or ginger syrup, this dessert has become popular in other prominent nations like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • Moon cakes are prepared during the Mid-Autumn festival of China. Round in shape, the outer portion is made from lard, flour, and vegetable oil while the filling is sugar mixed with thick lotus bean or red bean paste.

So, make sure to try out all the dishes specified above while holidaying in China with your beloved family.

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