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15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar’s Dream

How does a burglar pick one house over another? Is there a pattern, a specific reason or simply just a sick game? However the process may be, no one should underestimate burglars, not their intelligence and definitely not their guts.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, around two million home burglaries are committed every year nationwide. As people fight for home security, understand that burglars are criminals of opportunity. When they see a potential target, they strike. Social scientists who have interviewed convicted burglars found three common determinants that are often considered by intruders: time, noise, and visibility. They calculate the time it would take to get in and get out, factor noise from alarms or a barking dog, and consider if they can operate in hiding whether through poor lighting or tall bushes.

There are many ways to prevent a burglar from robbing your house. Sometimes, all it takes is common sense. There are just too many things that we ignore because really, what are the chances? Wrong. No one is ever immune from burglary. Do not take these things lightly and arm your home and family with these 15 tactics to burglar-proof your property.

Get Friendly with Neighbors

15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar's Dream

You are no Tom Hanks in your community. You can’t act like a total castaway in an island. You have to sincerely try to get along with your neighbors or at least know their names. A concerned neighbor is an effective crime deterrent. You can ask them to keep an eye on your house while you are away. Burglars will break into a home if they know they can get away with it and a nosy neighbor is their biggest nightmare.

Got a Light?

15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar's Dream

Burglars are not afraid of the dark. They love working in darkness. Invest in lighting and place them in strategic areas outside your home such as entry points and flood lights on tree branches. Most security systems today have a lighting component which could be scheduled to automatically turn on and off at specific times of the day. Honeywell alarm systems allow you to control your house’s lighting even from a remote area.

Mind Your Yard

15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar's Dream

A well-maintained yard or lawn will give the impression that a home is occupied. Regular upkeep of t the front yard will send the message that a responsible person is living there. At the same time, if shrubs are regularly trimmed, possible hiding places are also eliminated.

Careful of what you throw in the Trash

Burglars have the mindset of a scavenger, only gravely wicked. They are not looking for things to turn to gold. They are trying to picture the inside of your house through the big boxes you leave on the trash. “Oh, they got a new TV” or “Is that a new laptop?” are things that keep burglars really pumped up. If you made a significant purchase, cut its box and fit the pieces in a bag. Also, remember to shred bills and bank statements before you throw them out.

Excuse me, do I know you?

15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar's Dream

When someone knocks on your door offering services such as trimming your yard, washing your car, or repainting your house, be very careful. It could be a scam. While you are talking to one of them about shrubs, the other one could be sneaking into your home. Or they could be spying on your home, plotting their entry and exit points. So if you didn’t ask for someone to come over, don’t engage.


15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar's Dream

Install an eye hole on the door so you would not have to open the door if a stranger knocks. This is a very affordable investment to step up your home security game. If you have been noticing unusual movement outside your house, you can use the eye hole to make a quick survey without the burglar knowing.

Lock up

This might seem very obvious but a lot of people are still so careless about it. Did you know that about 30% of all burglaries start through an open or unlocked door or window? Locks can be broken but they make breaking in more time consuming, which burglars hate. It is also advisable to upgrade your locks and secure windows with bars or grills.

Go keyless

Consider smart locks and go keyless. Most burglar alarm stores offer smart locks wherein you can open and close a door with a keypad, finger scan, or mobile device. While the investment may be more costly, it will definitely intimidate intruders. You also no longer have to worry about lost keys and possibly a duplicate key with the previous owner or realtor.

Window shopping? Not.

Do not indulge a burglar’s “window shopping” by displaying valuables near a window. Burglars want to know what’s in it for them so they tend to “case” a home before breaking it. The easiest way to curtail a possible burglary is to install curtains or blinds.

Install an Alarm

15 Tactics To Keep Your Home from Being A Burglar's Dream

Homes without an alarm system are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. This is why 85% of police officials believe that home security systems deter burglars. Invest in a reliable security system to make your home and family safer. While alarms are never really an assurance, they intimidate burglars.

Take Control

A lot of alarm stores now offer digital security controls. Modern anti-burglar devices such as DSC Security alarms offer the latest in home safety: security + automation. You can now remotely monitor, access, and control your home security. You may receive live camera feeds, arm or disarm your alarm, and change its settings even while you’re away.

Some Research won’t Hurt

Take some time to research about your community. Check if crime rates are going up. Ask around if a neighbor has been victimized recently or if the police are taking extra effort to fight crime. It would also help to walk around and see if the community is well-lit and well-guarded.

Unusual Hiding Places

The nightstand and the dresser are common storage places. Burglars instinctively go to the bedroom and look into dressers for cash, cards, and jewelry. Determine unusual hiding places, such as the attic, the kitchen, or the broom closet, where you can hide your valuables.

Display a Decoy

A typical burglar will spend less than eight minutes in your house and won’t have much time evaluating all your belongings. Put up decoys that they could scoop easily so they won’t bother to stay much longer and leave immediately. This could be a pretty jewelry box or a laptop box with something else inside it.

Shun Advertising

One of the things burglars don’t want you to know is that they are great with technology and social media too. They could be spying on your activities on social media. They know if you’re away on vacation or if you’re checked in somewhere else.

Do not invite burglars into your home by neglecting these easy security measures. Do not turn your home into a burglar’s dream house. Invest on security because a home and your peace of mind are priceless.

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