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10 Myths About Coffee

The dark aromatic liquid can charm almost anyone and it is a part of many people’s mornings, and mostly – everyday life. Some even can’t start their day without it and freak out if the haven’t taken their daily dose of coffee. Mass media provides us with various information every single day, but as we know – we should not believe everything we hear or read.
Along with the useful information, there is long list of myths that we may have heard about coffee. Here are 10 of the most popular myths about coffee:

  1. Coffee is addicting Although caffeine is for a mild stimulant, numerous studies have shown that it is not addictive at all. It is recommended to those passionate coffee lovers who would like to stop drinking coffee to do it gradually and not at once. If you do otherwise, it is possible for side effect to occur, headaches, fatigue or irritability, because the body is used to a daily coffee consumption.
  1. The best way of storing coffee is keeping it in the fridge. The fridge and the freezer are the worst coffee storing place, experts say, especially if the beans are still whole/ that is due to the fact that coffee beans have the ability of absorbing moisture and the food aromas. It is recommended that you keep the coffee beans in a tightly closed box at a normal room temperature.
  1. Espresso coffee contains more caffeine than filter coffee. This misconception is very widespread, but, in fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. Espresso contains less caffeine than the coffee that goes through filters, because coffee that is used for it is being baked longer and it reacts for a shorter time with the water.
  1. Coffee tastes the best, if you prepare it with distilled water. Coffee will not taste better if you make it with distilled water, it won’t have the same quality, neither will have the same taste, because distilled water is low on some key minerals. Tap water is also not good for making coffee, because of the high chlorine content. The best choice is bottled water.
  1. Coffee is a powerful diuretic. If you consume coffee in moderate amounts – less than 5 cups a day, coffee will not have a diuretic effect on you, and thus – it does not lead to dehydration.
  1. Coffee contains a lot of calories. Consuming too much coffee will not add an enormous amount of calories to your daily intake. But if you add too much sugar, milk or cream – now that’s what has more calories.
  1. An Espresso is stronger than a large coffee. False! Usually, a “strong” coffee is defined by the higher levels of caffeine content, and that mainly depends on the different coffee brand. And what can surprise you – coffee is water-soluble, and thus – the more hot steam goes through the coffee – the more caffeine we can extract into the beverage.
  1. Home-ground coffee is better than any other. Not always. If you buy vacuum-coffee beans and you ground it in a coffee robot, which grinds a dose only for one cup – then yes, you can achieve a good result. But buying coffee in big open bags is not the best option you can make. If exposed to the weather – the beans can lose their good quality.
  1. Coffee can be used for burning fat. The interesting part about coffee is that it produces bad cholesterol in small amounts. Think about that the next time you read a diet plan, which says that you should drink as much coffee as you want.

  1. Coffee raises your blood pressure. It’s all relative. If you drink the same amount of coffee brand, it stops affecting your blood pressure, or it will affect you only for a short period of time. People who drink coffee rarely can expect a rise in their blood pressure and in their pulse. Doctors, for some years now, do not prohibit moderate dose of coffee to people who suffer from hypertension.
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Connie Jameson is a blogger who loves coffee. She loves everything coffee related and cannot drink less than two cups every day. Busy running her agency in London, Brockley cleaning service, the coffee gives her strenght and power.

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