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Why Acing Your Roman Numeral Interview Is A Walk In The Park

So you have an upcoming interview? Most likely, you are already worried about math problems because you have already forgotten how numbers used to work. You are not alone because many people complain about tricky interview questions of which Roman numbers seem to pose the greatest hurdle.

The best way to deal with an upcoming interview is of course to practice in all likely areas. Roman number problems are highly likely to pop up and hence this should be your priority.

The starting Line for Roman Numbers

In order to understand why you have to learn these numbers, it is crucial to understand that they are still very important in modern society. Though they were formulated during the Roman Empire these numbers are still in use today on most watches.

Why Acing Your Roman Numeral Interview Is A Walk In The Park

More importantly important sporting meets such as the Olympic still use this system and hence it is a life skill that puts you in good stead. In addition, if you are interested in anthropology these numbers form a large part of Roman life and it can be an exciting learning experience. What’s more, even computer systems recognize them in pagination.

Demystifying the Roman Number System

The best thing about these ancient numbers is the fact that they only require a few fixed rules for you to solve any problems. Here are some basics of this system of notation:

  • Seven alphabetical letters are used in this ancient mathematical system. They include I, V, X, L, C, D, and M each representing a number. Letter I is equal to number 1, V means 5, X =10, L means 50, C =100, D = 500 and M is equivalent to 1000.
  • A bar over a letter multiplies it by 1000, for example X̅ =10,000.
  • If one letter is immediately followed by one of equal or lesser value the two are added to get the total sum represented.
  • If a letter is followed by one of higher value, the first is subtracted from the second to get the total sum. For example, IV=4 because V=5 and it is greater than I=1.
  • You cannot have more than three similar numbers following each other in any combination.

With these rules in place, it is now easy to learn how to go about calculating any problem presented. Some of the steps you can follow to ensure success include:

  • Regular practice: It might sound like a cliché but practice makes perfect. As such, you need to utilize resources available such as online tests as much as possible because they enable you to interact more closely with these rules.
  • Group revision: It is important to work in groups when working out Roman number problems. This ensures that different people bring something to the table and the learning process becomes interactive.
  • Setting own combinations: As you prepare, try to create as many unique symbol combinations as possible as this helps your mind to be ready to solve any problem.

With this in mind you can now go out boldly and tackle any interview as Roman numbers will now be a piece of cake for you.


By working with Roman numerals experts you will be thoroughly entertained while learning at the same time. Of course everything from the Roman civilization is intriguing and so are these numbers so start learning with an expert today. Also in his free time he loves to write content for

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