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Protect Your Important Data and Files With The Genie Timeline

Protect Your Important Data and Files With The Genie Timeline

Protecting and giving back-up security for your important data and files with back-up program such as Genie timeline is important in this present day. There are many accidents, computer malfunction or even human error that can delete the important data we collect in an instant. Even though we need a lot of time and power to gather the data and files which is kind of annoying. Therefore, protecting all of our data with unique program software such as back-up program is necessary. Not only it will protect your data from losing, it will also give you the ability to recover it if you accidentally delete the data when clean your computer. In this article we will describe some of the best features offered by this back-up program.

Protect Your Important Data and Files With The Genie Timeline

Genie Timeline Advantages and Benefits

One of the most notable features from Genie timeline back-up program software is its size. The size for this program is small and does not take too much space in your HDD. This will allow you to save other data and important files in your HDD. Additionally, the operational cost or RAM needed for this program is close to zero which means it will not affect your computer overall performance. Therefore, you can use the computer with your utmost potential without having to suffer from reducing performance when you use this program on operational mode.

Additionally, the Genie timeline also offer power saving feature when in operational mode. Power saving feature allow you to save the battery life of your favorite notebook and laptop. In addition to the power saving feature, this program also offer performance mode to boost the capabilities of your computer. This can be used in conjunction with your work so you can back-up the data of your work while still working on it in your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. Another feature from this unique back-up program is this program will automatically run when you need it and it will also resumes its work even you suffer from blackout or even when you planned to pause it.

Genie timeline most important features from the aforementioned features previously are its back-up feature capabilities. This unique program will safely back-up your data files from wide ranges of types such as movie file, picture file, music file and even documents. This will allow you to safely have important back-up from all of the important files. Therefore, if you are accidentally delete or having viruses that corrupt your data, you do not have to worry because this program can recover it from the latest change you do to the data.

Yes, this program offer a smart updating feature that allow all of your data and files to be updated automatically according to the latest change you made. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you accidentally delete your data because this program can recover it from the latest change you made to the data. Finally, in conclusion it can be said that having Genie timeline program is a wise method to perfectly secure your important data and files from being missing due to corruption or accident.

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