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Biometrics – The Way To Set Up A Secure Home

Biometric Home Solutions: 
Specialty locks can be installed on the doors to rooms, as locks to your safes, or in the garage or kitchen.  Set up a home that is safe from intruders and provides you easy access, without memorizing safe combinations. Biometric system technologies may be the wave of the future, ensuring that your home, office, and possessions stay safe.
What is Biometrics?
Biometric system technology is used for identification of individuals; helping to ensure security.  You see it on movies; it is the recognition of fingerprints, eyeball scans, voice analysis, or facial recognition.  There are several other forms of biometric recognition; these are just a few of the common forms.  However, when you see it in the movies, it is always being manipulated, so here are a few points why this is the preferred method for security in several high end security companies.

Trusting Biometrics with Your Safety:
Technology has been advancing to the point where we now enter codes, signatures, or user names to access secure systems or identify ourselves.   In today’s technological age, you would be mistaken to not believe that you are associated with your Credit Card number, your license plate ID, or the many user-names for Facebook or email.
To lock your home, you push a few buttons.  You are recognized by simple codes that you input into a system, biological advances are no different.  However, with biometrics, you aren’t required to remember a code, password, or pattern.  You are simply scanned in with your make up and characteristics that represent you.  These traits aren’t easy to mimic or forget.  You can now access your safe world quickly and safely.
Biometric security is popping up all over the place.  You now can find Biometric systems in your car security system, as they recognize you and start at your touch.  The government is using them, to develop safer systems to identity protection.  You can now purchase biometric handgun safes and implement the systems in your home, or install them on doors in your house.  These systems can be programmed to recognize multiple fingerprints, for the whole family’s accessing purposes.
So here is why you can really trust Biometrics:

  1. Unique systems; different depending on your comfort level.
  2. Cannot be shared unintentionally– like with passwords that can be written down and forgotten about.  It cannot be compromised if it is set to sync only with your system.
  3. Cannot be copied– Your characteristics cannot be duplicated easily; you are much more secure by selecting this form of security.
  4. Cannot be lost or stolen.

Varying Types of Biometric Systems:
These new forms of keyless entry provide you safety and protection.  In cases of high pressure situations, like trying to open a safe during a break-in, you don’t want to be trying to remember passwords.  So switch to an easy entry method, keyless entry with fingerprint recognition. There are other forms available to find a method that works with you.

  • Fingerprint Identification: Since this is a unique feature to you, your fingerprint can be scanned and carried with you from birth to death.  This unique feature is a very basic model for most biometric systems.
  • Hand geometry: This is a physical scan comparing the characteristics of the hand shape or size.  Because this is always changing, it isn’t the best method, but still an easy method in the use of homes and everyday systems.
  • Palm Vein Authentication Scanning: Much like it sounds, this scans with infrared light to outline the veins in your hand.  This is a great form of identification and is a pattern internal, so it’s not easily duplicated or accessed by others.
  • Retina Scans:  While this is one of the eye scanning methods, this scans particularly for the capillary blood vessels in the back of your eye.  This is not a trait that changes with your age or circumstances, this scan must therefore use low intensity light.  It is a very old method, but has always proved effective.
  • Iris Scan: The second eye test is unique in the features it captures.  It monitors the rings, furrows, and freckles that are unique to your eyes.  Your colored ring around your eye is full of characteristics; over 200 points of comparison can be used.  This is what makes this one of the leading methods for secure systems!
  • Facial Recognition: Features that are unchanging about your face will be monitored.  Your face’s size and shape is a main factor considered during these scans.  These are unique to you, often referred to as a “faceprint”.
  • Signature Pads: Even if the way you sign changes over time, this can still be a great source of security.  You can update the system and it will adapt with you and your changes.
  • Voice Analysis: This method unlocks depending on your pitch, tone, and cadence of your voice or sound.  These are not easily manipulated when purchasing a high end system.

Biometric Recognition Errors: 
When you purchase a biometric system, you will become familiar with two basic types of recognition errors.  There are false acceptance rates and false rejection rates.  Your system will come with rating systems for both of these.  Essentially, they are exactly how they sound.  You will be given false errors, even though it is clearly your retina being scanned.  However, there is also the possibility for false positives, accepting someone besides yours.
Before purchasing a system, ensure that you have thoroughly covered the error rates for your system.  If it is a safe, it will be less potentially threatening than a front door lock.  So ensure that you are comfortable with the rates presented and upgrade if you find that you cannot agree with those standards. Biometric systems aren’t for everyone and technology is always improving.  Wait for a few years and we will likely have better numbers to review.
Install Biometric Systems Today:
If you are interested in securing safety without having to memorize codes, then try out some biometric systems.  You will be surprised by how many features you will be comfortable with, including some of the eye scans.  These methods will help keep your home safe, your work place locked up at night, and keep any rooms or safes out of the reach of children.  Make sure you consider your options and find a good false-test rate.

Author Bio

Lacie has been focusing her public outreach campaigns on home safety. The goal is to bring greater awareness to home owners so they can make their home more secure for themselves and their families.

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