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6 Tips To Improve Your Vision

6 Tips To Improve Your Vision

Are you straining to see the television? As you age it becomes critical to take care of your eyesight. Strain and other results of persistent usage can make your life miserable unless you take practical steps to take care of your eyes.

Use these 6 smart tips to improve your vision.

Down Multivitamins

Down a multivitamin daily to get your vision in order. Boosting your intake of zinc and antioxidant vitamins improves your chances of avoiding macular degeneration. Studies indicate that women who take vitamin C are less likely to suffer from cataracts. Getting the proper nutrition ensures that your body functions as it should. This one is so easy too. Like any daily habit once you develop a routine you will stick to it. Pop your multivitamin after breakfast or simply down it after brushing your teeth in the morning to improve your vision.

6 Tips To Improve Your Vision

Align your Computer Screen

Adjust your computer screen to slightly below eye level to improve your eyesight. Since your eyes close slowly you’ll reduce fluid build up and the likelihood of suffering through dry eye syndrome. Properly aligning the computer screen with your noggin places less stress on your eyes. You likely spend a healthy chunk of your work day or school day in front of the computer. Reduce eye strain and improve your vision by properly aligning your eyes with the screen.

Adjust Your Car Vents

This one may seem a bit confusing but it’ll help improve your vision. Direct the vents of your car to face your feet instead of your eyes. Dry air – whether the product of air conditioning or heat – greatly reduces the moisture levels in your eyes.  If you need the cold or warm air directed at your eyes don sunglasses for protection.  Dryness and corneal abrasions are the worst case scenarios if you don’t keep your eyes moist. Shift the vents to save yourself a serious potential problem in the future.

Don’t Cook with Yellow Onions; Choose Red Instead

This may seem like nitpicking but red onions are rich with quercetin.  This antioxidant is effecting in fighting cataracts. If you cook regularly with yellow onions switch over to red to better protect yourself against cataracts and to improve your vision.

Eat Spinach

Consume spinach twice weekly to protect your vision. Tuscan spinach, steamed spinach, sautéed spinach with garlic and spinach quiche are all tasty, eyesight improving choices. Spinach is rich in lutein. This nutrient can help you fight off cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. If you want to really accelerate lutein absorption rates eat your spinach with fats like olive oil.

Consume Bilberry Jam

Whether you cover your oatmeal with bilberry jam or spread it on your morning toast you can improve your eyesight with this wholesome food. Bilberry is high in anthocyanosides. These compounds have been linked to protecting your eyes against macular degeneration. You can always take bilberry supplements if you’re a bit bored and tired of eating the berry in jam form.

Improve your eyesight by visiting the Haas Vision Center.

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