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4 Tips For Effectively Remodeling Your Bathroom

4 Tips For Effectively Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you’re ready to scrap your old look to remodel your bathroom keep a few things in mind. Before doing any type of work make sure your supplies are in order. Have everything ready to go prior to tearing up your floor or walls to ensure that your bathroom is usable for a maximum amount of time.

Use these 4 tips to effectively remodel your bathroom.

Start With Everything You Need

Before you start remodeling have everything on hand first. Never dive into a complete remodel unless you have what you need supply-wise. Tiles and vanities can take weeks to arrive. Don’t lower the bathroom wrecking ball until everything is set. For example, don’t tear up the floor before you buy a toilet. The tile, tub, lighting, plumbing fixtures and vanity should be good to go before you begin your remodeling. If you are feeling impatient think about having an unusable bathroom for days or weeks. Maybe this isn’t a big problem if you have 2 bathrooms but you’re making a massive mistake if you’re working with one bathroom.

4 Tips For Effectively Remodeling Your Bathroom

Weigh out Your Options

Since some of the items you needmay be on backorder for weeks at big box retailers consider your options. For example, you can likely find quality tops from local suppliers. Stone specialists can provide you with a variety of tops and can also custom-fit these parts. Don’t think that customization means expensive. Many independent local suppliers offer discounts.  If you want to take a more convenient route become a cyber shopper. Hop online to find the bathroom parts that you need to spruce up the room. Sure you may need to do a bit more research but you’ll also save yourself considerable time and energy by doing the cyber shopper bit.

Patiently look around for the best deals. The main drawback is that you could be purchasing a big part of your bathroom based on a description and a few images but most reputable online stores offer quality products. Online customer reviews would likely torpedo any retailer who shipped substandard bathroom products.

Shower Time

Redecorating your shower means more than picking a shower head and curtain. Think about storage for your shampoo, razor, body wash, soap and other products. Buy yourself a nice shower shelf and scrap the cheap-looking and mold-collecting plastic shower curtain that hangs on a rod. Invest in a glass sliding door or scrap the idea all together to design an open shower if you’re less modest. Whatever option you choose may sure everybody in the family is on board. You can also install a grate instead of a traditional drain if you want a creative, eye-catching option to promote drainage.

Shed Some Light on the Subject

Revamp your lighting when redecorating your bathroom. Outdated light fixtures can ruin a spiffy new bathroom redesign. Make sure to think through your lighting plan before you get into the nitty gritty of redesign as you may need to run a new cable. If you want improved lighting while bathing go with recessed lighting.

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