The Top 5 Sleep-Friendly Workplaces

In today’s world, the traditional workday of 9 to 5 is not the best work model for many businesses. Some companies are allowing greater flexibility in the workplace, with options like telecommuting, flexible work hours, and the freedom to come and go as you please. These businesses are usually creative-focused, and believe that productivity is best when not forced.

One addition that some large companies are now adding is the option to take naps right at work. These offices are adding specific “nap-zones” where employees can take a moment to rest, rest their brains, and even snooze for a few minutes between work sessions. Why do these companies allow naps, and even encourage them? It turns out; naps during the day can actually improve worker productivity.

According to studies conducted by StanfordUniversity and the University of Pennsylvania, taking a nap for about 20 minutes in the afternoon can improve employee alertness, motor skills, mood, memory, and decision making. A well-rested employee is more productive, less stressed, and less likely to make mistakes. Companies that have embraced naps agree that offering employees the ability to nap can enhance their work performance by a significant amount.

The following companies do not all offer dedicated “nap rooms,” but they are some of the most sleep-friendly businesses in the working world, allowing workers the flexibility they need to get the job done on their own time and schedules, even if it means leaving to take a nap every day.

Nationwide Planning Associates Inc.

You wouldn’t think a law firm would allow naps, but this company based in New Jersey encourages it. This company has a dedicated nap room, where employees can sleep and reset their brains. The company spend about $10,000 researching the benefits of naps, setting up a schedule, and outfitting a nap room where employees can rest. Employees nap on a rotating basis to ensure the phones are covered at all times and that business gets done.

Huffington Post

The newspaper Huffington Post has embraced the future and now allows employees flexible schedules in which to work as well as napping during the afternoon. Since writing is a creative profession, allowing employees to work on their own time when they are the most refreshed and creative has allowed the writing giant to provide better stories to the public.


Natural innovators in whatever they do, it is no surprise that Google has also embraced a sleep-friendly work environment. Not only are employees allowed to come and go as they please, but Google also offers nap rooms in most offices.


Sneaker giant Nike also allows some employees a free schedule and the privilege of nap time. At any given time of day, you may find employees in the nap room, resting, thinking, or snoring.


Internet giant Tumblr does not allow napping at the office, but it does provide employees the ability to check in and out at will. Want to work at 3AM? Tumblr doesn’t care as long as you get the job done.

If you are looking for a company that allows flexibility and encourages maximum productivity through alternative means, you won’t want to miss these companies. These are some of the few places on earth where sleeping on the job is actually encouraged.

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