4 Essential Study Habits For Nursing Students

In order to become a nurse, a student must study and remember an extensive amount of knowledge.
Not only is this knowledge required so a student can graduate from nursing school, but it is essential in being able to provide patients with the best health care possible.

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At times, for many nursing students, the amount of material that has to be remembered can be overwhelming.
Keeping this in mind, it is always important to equip one’s self with valuable study tips.
Since every student has his or her own learning style, not every tip will be as helpful from one student to the next, but every tip can help students form essential study habits.

1) Make a Study Schedule (And Stick to It)

Making a study schedule seems corny to some people; however, it can be one of the most valuable study habits a student can form.
By mapping out what is to be studied, a student will be well on his or her way to actually being able to remember the material covered.
For example, if a student has to memorize 30 pages worth of material in one week, breaking down the material can be very helpful.
If the student has a full seven days to learn the material, he or she can study just a little over four pages each day and still have all the material covered in the allotted amount of time.

2) Use Index Cards

Ever since elementary school, students have been learning and retaining material using index cards. Many parents even use index cards as a learning tool with toddlers.
So, why should college students not use them? There is no justifiable answer.
When making the index cards, nursing students will be learning the material that they are studying, and then when using the cards, this helps in retaining the info.

3) Stay Organized

All areas of a nursing student’s life should be organized to the best of his or her ability .
By keeping them organized, a nursing student will be better able to sit down and focus his or her attention on studying when study time comes around.
Every day, it is helpful to begin the day by making a schedule for that day.
It is important to remember that a nursing student is a human; he or she is not perfect.
If something on “today’s list” doesn’t get done, save it for the next day, but students should do their best to stay self-disciplined when it comes to staying organized and handling their responsibilities in life.

4) Choose Study Partners Wisely

Nursing students should not choose to study with other students who have a tendency to wait till the last minute to cram for a test.
Other students’ feelings of anxiety have a tendency of rubbing off on their study partners.
When it comes to choosing a study partner, it does not have to be a person who has top-notch grades, but it should be someone who has established effective study habits.

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Julie Warner is a trauma nurse and guest author at Best Certified Nursing Assistant Programs.

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