The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Did you know that a car accident happens every sixty seconds in the US? All accidents are not serious, but some do result in injury, damage to property, medical bills, and temporary loss of income. There are a number of reasons for accidents with the most common being distracted driving.

What is Distracted Driving?

Many states have passed laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving, but people continue to do so or engage in some other type of activity that takes their attention from the road. Texting is often more dangerous than talking on a cell phone. There have been a number of devices on the market that allow hands-free talking. An app that allows text messages to be sent and received using voice is another option.

Your cell phone is not the only thing that can distract you while you are driving. Everyone is always in a rush to get where they are going, so it is not unusual to see people fixing their hair, putting on makeup, changing clothes, and even watching a show or movie on their phone. Eating is another thing that can cause distracted driving. It takes only a few seconds for an accident to occur. An example of a car accident law firm clearwater florida is Franchi Law.


You might be surprised to know that approximately one-third of all accidents are caused by going too fast. This includes going over the speed limit or not slowing down when road conditions are not optimal. When the road is wet, it takes longer for your car to slow or stop when needed. Snow and ice can cause your vehicle to spin out of control. Simply speeding, even when conditions are good can result in a serious accident.

Of course, many accidents are caused by using drugs or alcohol and getting behind the wheel. It is estimated that even when you are not considered legally intoxicated, a couple of drinks increase your chances of being involved in an accident by 100%, compared to someone who hasn’t had a drink. With every drink after this, the risk increases.

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