CT Scan: Let’s Know Some Facts About It

CT scan which you can also call CAT scan that is computed axial tomography. With the help of a CT scan, doctors can actually check some dense parts of your body. Many people call it an X-Ray, but it is actually not an X-Ray. As it cannot be checked alone by the normal X-Ray procedure and it can help the doctor in viewing more than what a normal X-Ray Report shows. In the CT scan, many X-Ray Beams are sent through the body from different angles to get a complete 3D picture of that body part which is further checked in the computer system. CT scan does not have a fixed X-Ray, but it has a motorized X-Ray.

Let’s check more about CT scan below:

Where CT scan is used?

CT Scans does not have one defined use as it is used for different health problems. Below, we have listed some of the common uses of CT scan.

  •    It helps in diagnosing heart-related diseases like coronary artery disease.
  •    It helps in diagnosing problems like Parkinson’s disease, hemorrhage, dementia, brain tumors, etc. in brain and head.
  •    It helps in scanning and diagnosing different parts of body skeletal for different diseases like bone and joints fracture, arthritis, injury in the spinal cord, etc.
  •    It helps in detecting problems in the lungs.
  •    It helps in finding the internal bleeding problem because of an accident.

Other than these uses, there are many other uses of CT scan for diagnosing and detecting the complex diseases and health problems.

Costing of CT scan

As CT scan is a complex procedure, so its charges are definitely somewhere high in comparison to the regular or normal X-rays. The CT scan centers in Mumbai are not that costly. In general, they may charge you somewhere around Rs.2500 to Rs.4000. It varies from center to center, so you can check the price directly for any particular hospital.

Risks involved in scanning

CT scan is said to be a low-risk medical process but it still involves some risk, which you all should be aware of.

  •    The contrast dye used in the CT scan can cause allergy to some people. It is because of the presence of some ingredients in the dye. It can lead to allergies like vomiting, itching, nausea, and sneezing.
  •    It can also cause such allergic reactions which are life-threatening.
  •    It can also lead to the problem of hair loss.
  •    CT scan can also cause some serious health problems like failure of a kidney.
  •    The radiations of the CT scan are not good for the health. They can even cause cancer.
  •    In pregnant ladies, there is a risk of birth defects if undergone CT scan.

Is CT scan painful?

Many people before undergoing a CT scan have this question in mind that is CT scan painful. So, our answer is ‘No’, they are not painful. You may feel anxiety or scary because of the noise of the CT scan machine. We suggest you to get go for CT scan center in Mumbai, as they have good doctors also. You can ask them any queries related to your nervousness or anxiety before CT scan.

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