Getting Sober Through Rehab

Substance abuse is a major problem all across the United States today, and sadly, the problem is growing like wildfire. In some areas, entire communities have been affected by the problem of drug and alcohol addiction, which is why rehab centers in west virginia and other areas are opening up. The need for help with addiction is huge, and without help from these centers, many addicted people will never be able to overcome their addiction.

Opioid Addiction

While alcohol addiction has long been a problem in society, opioid addiction has spiraled in recent years. Though opioid drugs like cocaine and heroin have long been available on the drug black market, back in the 90s new prescription opioid drugs became available, and they were prescribed liberally by doctors who sought to alleviate their patient’s pain. Some of these drugs, like Oxycontin, had a new “time release” aspect that the manufacturers’ thought would make them less addictive. When these tablets were crushed and then smoked or injected in liquid form, however, the “time release” would no longer be a factor, and the drugs would provide an enormous “high.” All of this lead to these prescription drugs being sold on the black market. Eventually, some users turned to street heroin to maintain the high they had gotten from prescription drugs, but at a lower cost.

The Drug Abuse Crisis

Obviously, all of this had lead to a terrible crisis as more communities are impacted by the wide use of opioids. Addicts have to keep using their drug of choice in order to stay high and avoid withdrawal. As more of the drug is used, the user’s body becomes more tolerant of the drug’s effects, so more is needed to attain a “high.” This leads to a terrible cycle of abuse, as the user becomes physically and mentally wasted from drug abuse. It’s at this point that a person can become unable to work or function well in society and why some communities are suffering terribly, as more people get caught in the abuse cycle.

Getting Help

People who are caught in an addiction cycle must get help before it is too late. Today there are many drug rehab centers available to help users withdraw from drugs and attain sobriety. It isn’t easy, but it is necessary if a person is to become an engaged member of society again.

Here’s what you need to know about drug rehab programs. Rehab centers generally do a workup on a new client when they are admitted, so that a treatement plan can be created. Most clients in rehab will be put through detox as soon as possible, in order to clear the drugs from their system and allow their bodies to recover from their dependence on intoxicants. Once the client has recovered from this process (which can involve serious withdrawal symptoms that can include nausea, fever, vomiting and hallucinations), they will enter into therapy sessions lead by a counselor. These sessions may be one-on-one or in a group setting. Counseling is invaluable for helping a user get in touch with themselves and to address some of the underlying issues driving the need to abuse drugs.

A Huge Journey

Becoming sober is a huge journey for a deeply addicted person, and a quality rehab center will help the user get back in touch with their real self. Some activities, like art classes, exercise, hiking and horseback riding, are designed to help an addicted person to experience feelings of being engaged with life in a way they’d forgotten about. Becoming sober is a fresh start, and while it can be scary for some users, it can also be incredibly liberating.

As the newly sober person finishes their rehab course of treatment, they will need to establish a plan for their life after rehab. One of the biggest dangers for a person leaving rehab is that they may relapse when they return to their old life. This is why people leaving rehab are strongly encouraged to continue on in AA counseling, so they have the support they need. They may also need to consider living in a sober living facility after rehab, so they are surrounded by others in recovery on a full time basis.

No, getting sober and staying sober isn’t an easy path, to say the least. It can be a life-saving choice, however, so it is well worth making the commitment to sobriety.

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