How A New Face Can Mean A New Life

Let’s be honest. While surgeons and surgery in general are held in high regard, plastic surgery tends to get a bad rap. And it’s easy to see why. Those countless tabloid articles featuring celebrities who have surgically enhanced everything that it’s humanly possible to enhance. Those sad reality show participants who have had so much work done that they can no longer move their faces. Or look quite human. It’s true that these outliers get a lot of media attention, and that’s a real shame.

Because although plastic and cosmetic surgery are sometimes depicted as procedures for the wealthy, frivolous, and troubled, the vast majority of these surgeries are health enhancing, and performed on ordinary people. Plastic surgery doesn’t just alter one’s physical appearance it enhances physical, emotional, and mental health as well.

Indeed, the original intentions of modern day plastic surgery were just that. Human beings have been altering their physical appearances for about as long as they’ve been using their hands, to be sure. But one of the devastating effects of the First World War was many severe facial injuries due to exposure to new weapons. In addition to physical problems, doctors were quick to see the other traumas living with these injuries would cause, and a new type of corrective surgery was born. Today, those enhanced techniques are used around the world for everything from severe burns to cleft palettes.

But while the majority of those considering plastic surgery are fortunately not in need of such extreme procedures, this doesn’t mean that there are not benefits to be had from more routine surgeries. A rhinoplasty not only gives its recipient a more symmetrical, conventionally attractive nose, this surgery can result in better sleeping, fewer headaches, and other benefits. And even more minor types of cosmetic surgery ranging from facelifts to hair removal can have health benefits. How so?

Numerous studies have shown that when people feel that they’ve made improvements to their physical appearance, enhancements to confidence and social skills can result, as well. And individuals may want to make cosmetic changes for reasons beyond self-worth and yes, romance as well. While one’s worth should always be determined by the ability to do the job, there’s no getting around the fact that people perceived as physically attractive have larger incomes, too.

So. An enhanced sense of self-worth, greater social and romantic opportunities, and higher wages? Add to this the youth obsession of many societies, and is it any wonder that many women seek help through cosmetic surgery? Are these hopes realistic?

Cosmetic surgery can achieve positive results for patients, but they must remember that it’s medicine, not waving a magic wand. Goals should be realistic. Not everyone is a good candidate for all procedures. And the results of cosmetic surgery are not always permanent. Potential patients must remember too, that this is real surgery, with all of its inherent risks and recovery periods. Can they make these commitments? And while an increasing number of these procedures are covered by insurance providers, many remain not so. Can potential patients make a financial commitment as well?

If one is ready to seriously consider undergoing plastic surgery, then the right surgeon is essential. A long-term fixture in the Houston area medical community, Dr. Athre` is equally committed to every procedure performed, and works with all patients to help them get the most from it, and enjoy the transformative power of skillfully done cosmetic surgery. Patients should contact his office today for a consultation, and learn how changes to the face can mean positive changes to a life as well.

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