Admiring hospitality on a Dubai Dinner Cruise

Cruiseis an attractive feature of Dubai and the guests on board are treated to a wonderful night with great hospitality and environs. The guests are entertained to their fullest on the wooden Dhow. The Dhow gently sails to the iconic city gateways, the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. The Dhow is an ancient pride of Dubai. The Dhows were taken to the waters of Dubai a long time ago for trading purposes. Slowly, the hospitality industry stepped in resulting in the evolution of Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai.Such acruise is equipped with state of the art facilities without losing its rustic charm and elegance.

Going for dhow cruise like Alexandra is a great choice for those who do not have the time to go on a long cruise. Dhow cruise gives a unique experience, entirely different from what one experiences in the usual hotels and restaurants. The guests are received cordially and served with a wide range of welcome drinks. They are treated with love and respect by the crew 24×7. On aDhow Cruise the main attraction of the event is the dinner, which is served in the buffet style. The guests are served with carefully crafted dishes with each prepared to satiate different tastes.The elaborate banquet is prepared with a host of dishes to serve varied tastes. The menu is endless and one can try any kind of food. The food variety ranges from continental to Chinese, Indian, Asian, and Arabic.Hosts are not just served good food on the dinner but are also entertained thoroughly. The Tanoura dance is a feast to watch under the sparkling lights. There are comical shows where the on board comedian deliver their wonderful sense of humor. All the show goes on as the Dhow gently guides through the serene sea waters. A wide variety of music fills the air, be it American, Asian, Indian or Arabic. To top it all there is a magical show for the amusement of the guests. Besides, the above some cruises also have puppet show and a funny horse dance.

On board the Dhow gives you a glimpse of the glorious Dubai. One can watch the heritage village of Al Bastakiya, the abras, super-tall towers of Dubai to a night of lights with taxis on the roads. In Dubai Marina, we find a lot of sky scrapers towering up in the skies with a vibrant night life.

The Cruise in Dubai is suited for all grand occasions such as parties, corporate functions, birthdays or weddings, off-time with the overworked employees, special dinner with family, a romantic date or any other occasion. The best part is that there are many discount packages offered by the cruise companies making it possible for everyone to enjoy this unqiue experience.

So, next time you are in Dubai do not miss enjoying dinner on Dhow cruise. And do remember to book your ticket on the cruise well in advance especially during the holiday season.

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