Cheap Activities With Kids – Family Quality Time

Children grow up so fast, and the older they get, the less time we have free to spend with them. Sometimes we get swamped in all the work we have to do, both in the house and away from it, leaving our children alone in front of the TV or a computer, slowly alienating from them. But no matter how busy you are, your child should always be your priority, and make enough time during the week to spend some quality time with them, so here we have a couple of ideas on what you can do to make the best use of it. And, it don’t have to be expensive, too!

1. Eat together

Working from nine to five prevents you from seeing your family members all day, and that is why dinner time should be reserved just for you. Make sure that there is no TV in the dining room, no distractions, just focused on each other, talk about the day you had, share both good and bad, laugh together, and solve problems.

2. Young Gastronomes

But it is not just about eating together. Wait for your young ones to come back from school or kindergarten, and prepare the meal together. They are never too young to learn how to cook, so from an early age, teach them how to eat and prepare healthy food, and avoid fast, unhealthy snacks. Also, let them use some user-friendly kitchenware to make your kids feel important and all grown up using it.

3. Be Creative

Involve your child from an early age into more creative projects, and teach them how to make different arts and crafts. From making your own toys, playing with plasticine, to painting a wall of their room, does not matter, as long as it triggers their imagination, and helps them practice their motor skills. One project that became quite popular is making of green wall that not only looks amazing for your interior design, but also improves the quality of air in your home. As it is quite a big project, it will not only teach them to take time with things and go through with what they have started, but also responsibility, as they will have to remember to water and pay close attention to it regularly.

Cheap Activities With Kids - Family Quality Time

4. Movie Night

Since family trip to the cinema can turn into a pricey affair when you’re buying tickets, popcorn and treats for everyone, bring the movies to you with these cheap ideas for creating a fun movie night at home. There is nothing better than when family gathers around a good movie, and all you need here is a comfy couch, some candies and a bowl of popcorns. If you want to give your movie night a fun flavour, choose movies to a set theme such as superhero, sci-fi, comedy, girl’s, boy’s, Harry Potter night. These are just some of ideas that will make your movie nights memorable.

5. No Work and More Play

Especially when they are really young, you should spend a lot of time playing with your children. But it is not just to have fun, building fortress and playing ball, you can get them some educational toys that are not only fun, but will make them learn through play. You can also read to your children, and make it a regular thing to read them bedtime stories. Also, when they are older, especially in these modern times, children tend to close themselves in their rooms and play video games all day long. In that case, what you can do is take interest in those games and learn how to play them. Or even better, bring these characters to life with original Hot Toys. They will absolutely love it! It is not just for them, trust me, you will love some of those games too.

6. Family Trips

Even if you do not have the time to go away for a couple of days, make the time at least once a week to hop on your bicycles and ride to the park in your neighborhood. After a great and light exercise as this you can take a walk and enjoy fresh air either in silence, or take this as one more opportunity to talk and bond with your children. Also, if they are willing and have enough time, you can make it a regular thing to take your young ones with you to the grocery store.

Do not make excuses for why you are not more involved with your child’s life, but make more time. Before you know it, they will be old enough to start a life of their own, get a job, their own families, and you will regret not devoting them more of your time.

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