Food That You Should Definitely Try When You Visit Kolkata

Food That You Should Definitely Try When You Visit Kolkata

Kolkata, the name itself reflects culture of an alternate kind, which this city so gladly boasts. It has an overwhelming enchantment no other Indian city can match, and with regards to nourishment, the enchantment just reaches another level!

The Cultural Capital of India, that is Kolkata, is a paradise for foodies and particularly for individuals with a sweet tooth. Bengali sweets are well known and positively needs no introduction in the food world. The fiery, tangy and totally mouth-watering dishes that Kolkata brings to the table will leave one confused on whether they should go for the zesty Bengali cooking or the sweetmeats, which are the bombs of flavours. Add to that the traditional Chinese and Tibetan food that are eaten here with extreme joy, and you’re simply spoilt for decisions. Places like Lindsay Street and Park Street are the spots you tend to wind up when you visit the city. It is thanks to the fact that Kusum and Badshah are situated here, thus making a difference.

Before you get too tempted and book one of the next Delhi Kolkata flights or trains, here are 9 things you should eat when you’re in Kolkata


You may have eaten rasgullas all your life, yet in the event that you haven’t had the world famous roshogollas of Kolkata, your long affair with rasgullas, simply makes no sense!


Phuchkas are still one of a kind to Kolkata and the east. They are the cousins of Mumbai’s paani puris, Delhi’s golgappas, Lucknow’s paani ke batashe and, as any Kolkatan will let you know, is route better than the rest. You ought not skip a major opportunity to try some while you are in the city.


Improved with pistachios, saffron strands and almonds, and arranged with milk, paneer and sugar, this mishti simply melts in your mouth. And if you’re into flavors, there is ice-cream, strawberry, and chocolate sondesh too!

Luchi – Alu Dom

Luchi is like the puris while Alu Dom is the Bengali version of Dum Aloo, and Fairlie Place in Kolkata makes it the best.


An immaculate monsoon nibble with chai or cha, as the locals call it, ranging from beguni, phuluri, peyaji, alu chop to an assortment of corruptly crunchy, corn-flour covered street food! Make note that, one bhaja is not sufficient, you need to try every one of them!

Mughlai Parotha

These deep fried parathas stuffed with egg and minced meat include the distinct flavour that can keep you finger-licking all the time. Relish each chomp of this dish, in light of the fact that the following round of parothas might require some serious energy and space in your belly. Their veggie lover rendition is the paratha made with potato stuffing and presented with a vegetable plate of mixed greens, tomato/bean stew sauce, and green chillies.

Chicken Kabiraji

Relish the eminent taste of this novel chicken dish. Made with minced bits of chicken, bread pieces, ginger-garlic and egg, this nibble will get your hunger satisfied.

Macher Jhol

Macher jhol with rice is the staple food of this city, found in every nook and corner of Kolkata. So just on the off chance that you can’t get yourself an eatery in the region, thump on any Bengali’s door, and be astonished with what they bring to the table. RCI member in India

If you live in Delhi or its neighbouring region, the answer to your question, how to reach Delhi to Kolkata is very simple. There are regular trains between the two. Plus, a majority of popular airlines have direct flights between the cities.

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