8 Tips To Boost Your Spin Bikes Workout

You can burn as many as 500 calories on the spin bikes if you ride on them for about 45 minutes. You need to turn your workout into a cardio workout party and this machine will help you to enjoy the rigorous routine better. You will be able to complete different intensity levels easily when you consider your exercise to be a big party. You will enjoy being part of the spinning classes with your friend’s in a cycle studio. The following are some of the user tips you can follow to boost your stationary bike workout and to burn more calories.

Arrive early

You need to arrive at the spinning class at least 5 minutes before your class begins. If you are a newbie to the cycling classes, then you need to sit on the bike and get a feel of it before the workouts begin. You can also use the extra time to talk to your instructor and to help you in adjusting the bike to fit your needs. You should never leave early and even do the cool down routine before signing off for the day.

Wear the proper gear

It is best for you to invest in padded shorts and cycling shoes if you are serious about the spinning classes. This is the best option to enjoy spinning. The shoes will sit perfectly on the cycle pedals and prevent any slippage. You will enjoy great power in your legs with the right shoes.

Setting the exercise bike

If you are looking to perform at your best on the spinning cycles, you should adjust the saddle to suit your height.

  • Stand left of the bike and adjusts the handlebar and the saddle to your hip height.
  • Bend your right hand 90 degrees in fisted position and place it at the center of the handlebars. Pull the seat forward or back so that its front nose touches the elbow.
  • Sit on the saddle and see if your knee just has a very slight bend of 25 to 35 degrees.

Never compete with others

There is no need for you to think of outperforming the other people attending the spinning classes. This is not a cycle race and you are there to just increase your fitness levels and to tone your body. The spin bikes are just an exercising machine that will assist you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Never cheat

It is important that you never cheat during your workout on the bike. If the instructor asks to add resistance, do add the resistance and do not fake it. Bouncing on and off the saddle will need you to have the correct resistance to avoid joint pains and injuries.

Boost the resistance

You will never increase the size of your thighs by increasing the resistance. This machine will help in boosting the cardiovascular activity and the right amount of resistance will help you to enjoy a very good workout during spinning. Press your foot down in order to give the gluts and your hips a solid workout.    

Use RPM to help you ride

It is very essential for you to keep track of the pace you are working out on the bike. You can make use of the RPM to get instant results about your spinning performance. If your RPM is lower during a climbing position, then you will not be able to last the course and hence you need to lower your resistance. If you are moving faster than 120 RPM, then it means that the resistance on your bike is low and you need to increase it.

Standing up

Standing up on the spin bikes will help you to burn more calories. Your standing position must be very close to that of the sitting position. You should never lean forward when standing as the entire weight might come on your knees. Make sure that the nose of the saddle is brushing against the back of your inner thighs in standing position.

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