Your Arabian Horse Buyer’s Checklist

Your Arabian Horse Buyer’s Checklist

When you want to purchase an Arabian horse that will add value to your assets and beauty to your stable of animals, you should have some criteria in mind that the horse meets, and possibly exceeds. As you know, Arabians are impressive horses that have a history of serving Kings and leaders around the globe with their stamina, endurance, and gorgeous appearance. Before you actually partner with a sales agent you should create a checklist so that together you and the professional buyer can find the right horse for your future plans. Let’s review some of the questions and points that you should include on your buyer’s checklist for purchasing an Arabian horse. You will first want to learn the sex, height and colour of the horse as well as the date that it was foaled. Enquire about registration and if the papers will be readily available for your sales agent once the deal has been set.

  • Next you should ask about the horse’s overall health. You’ll want to know if he has any ongoing health issues, if his worming schedule is up to date, and if he has had the appropriate vaccinations.
  • Another point you should include on your checklist is the type of temperament and behaviour that the horse exhibits. Keep in mind the future plans that you have for your Arabian as you explore the personality of the horse that you’re thinking about purchasing.
  • You should ask about the recent activity of the horse that interests you. Find out what he’s been doing lately, where he has been kept, and if he has received ample exercise each day. At this point you may want to enquire about any bad habits that he has; this can impact your purchase especially if you are using him in a therapeutic business.
  • You should also ask if the horse spends time alone or with other horses. Your sales agent can accompany you to visit the horse where it is a good idea to ride him yourself or have someone demonstrate his abilities for you and your agent.
  • One of the most important steps you should have on your list is to obtain a pre-purchase evaluation of the horse. You’ll want a complete physical of him that includes checking his eyes and teeth; also ask for records of past surgeries and other medical issues.

By visiting you can find an experienced professional that can guide you every step of the way as you progress toward purchasing the Arabian horse of your dreams. You’ll want your sales agent to be experienced in working with Arabian horses so that they can effectively advise you about any horse that interests you. By visiting the website of a reputable agent you can learn about their commitment to excellence, the amount of knowledge they have about the breed, and the network in which they work to find the right horse for your specific needs.

Before you purchase a majestic Arabian, develop a checklist to share with your sales agent so that the horse you eventually buy will be the perfect one for your plans.

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