5 Ways To Boost Your Garage Security

5 Ways To Boost Your Garage Security

While many people across the UK fit crime protection products to their properties, some forget to fully safeguard their concrete garage. With expensive personal possessions frequently being stored in them, outbuildings are unfortunately often susceptible to attempts of theft.

 This susceptibility is no different in the nicer locations, too. Garage thefts also commonly occur in areas with low crime rates, as was made evident a few years ago in Thirsk. As they know that high value items are more likely to be present in them, burglars have been known to target upmarket neighbourhoods in particular.

 Luckily, taking a few simple steps can mostly prevent garage break-ins. Here are five ways of doing so:

1. Remember to Always Lock Up

As obvious as it sounds, remembering to lock up is perhaps the most important step of all. You’d be surprised at how many garage thefts occur as a result of burglars not even having to break into the building.

 ‘Locking up’ also includes your windows. While we understand that you may have these open to allow circulation, please don’t leave the garage without closing them first – ‘opportunists’ are called just that for good reason.

5 Ways To Boost Your Garage Security

2. Install Security Cameras

When you consider that they can be purchased for as little as £30, security cameras are a great, cost-effective way of safeguarding your garage. If a criminal notices that they are being filmed then they are simply much less likely to try and commit the crime.

 Should your garage be attached to your property then only one camera will probably be needed. Make sure, however, that your side door is covered if you have one.

3. Keep the Area Well Lit

Most burglaries are made at night for several reasons – namely because the thieves are concealed by darkness and less people are likely to be around to see them.

Strong outdoor lighting is a real intruder deterrent as it puts the spotlight on the thieves themselves. Installing motion sensor lighting is an ideal method, but not absolutely necessary – regular lights will do the job.

4. Extend your Burglar Alarm

Considering that burglar alarms are viewed as one of the best ways to protect your home, it really is common sense to apply that view to your garage.

Fitting a simple garage alarm doesn’t just boost the safety of your personal possessions, but also gives you peace of mind. If your house is already alarmed, however, then it’s worth looking into extending the system to your outbuilding. Your alarm company should be able to assist you with this.

5. Ensure that the Garage itself is Secure

Finally, it’s imperative for your concrete garage and its door(s) to be completely secured. Storing items in an old, worn-out, insecure garage is almost as good as giving burglars a free ticket.

If your existing building is irreparable then a new model is needed. Leading manufacturers such as Dencroft, for example, are concrete garage experts. This type of build specifically offers heightened security and strength while not compromising on any aspects of its appearance.

These five tips should help you determine which part of your garage is currently at threat to crime and put procedures in place.

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