Welcome New Year With Healthy and Glowing Skin

New Year is just around the corner and in this period we tend to look back on the previous year and all the things we have accomplished. New Year is also the time when many of us make new decisions and new resolutions. So if have not taken special care of your skin during this year, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to start. But before you start planning your skin care for the future, perhaps you should treat yourself and enter 2016 with healthy and glowing skin. And we are here to show you how:

Daily Routine

Welcome New Year With Healthy and Glowing Skin

To accomplish what you have set you need to create a regular skin care routine. This includes nourishing your skin on daily basis, cleaning it regularly and using only quality products. This means everything from shampoos and hair conditioner, to makeup and other products. Rely on organic cosmetics made from all-natural ingredients without any toxic chemicals harmful for your skin. Remember to exfoliate once a week and to take care of your whole body not only your face.


Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the essential parts of proper skin care. This is especially important in the winter period with harsh weather conditions as your skin is more prone to cracking and drying out. Remember to moisturize your skin every day, preferably after showering. Do not forget your hands and feet!


You might think that applying sunscreen is only for the summertime, but dermatologists actually recommend wearing sunscreen on daily basis. This way you are preserving your skin and protecting it from UV rays. It can help your skin preserve its elasticity and glow and prevent sun spots, freckles and other similar conditions.

Treat Yourself

Every once in a while make sure to treat yourself to professional skin care. Simple procedures like facials, skin tightening, microdermabrasion or fractional skin resurfacing are a great way to freshen up your skin and create a healthy foundation for your regular care. These procedures are non-invasive and provide great results.

Clean After Yourself

Not only your skin needs regular care but also all the tools and equipment you use. Starting from your razors and tweezers up to your makeup brushes, cleaning gloves and similar. After some time they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, filth and other residues. This is exactly why you should remember to take regular care of all the items you use.

Hands Off!

Another great New Year resolution you could try is keeping your hands off your face! This can be a great starting point for healthy skin as there are countless of germs and bacteria on our hands which can be so easily spread onto our face, mouth etc. Because of this, make it your goal to stop touching and picking your skin. Every day we touch countless objects like phones, computers, money, door knobs and similar. Keep this in mind the next time you wish to touch your face.

New Year – New me. This is a motto used by many people when the hype of the holidays is still ongoing. Healthy habits should not be new resolution, they should be a part of your everyday life. Taking proper care of yourself, your body and your health is of crucial importance. So do not wait for the next year to start implementing healthy habits into your lifestyle. Start right now. Make sure to welcome this New Year with your mind set, your ideas new and your skin refreshed and glowing. Tis the season to be jolly..and healthy!

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