Unique First Home Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Unique First Home Gifts For Your Loved Ones

If one of your loved ones is moving into their first home, we have the perfect gifts for you. Each of these gifts is unique and will help you to show the new homeowners that you care! No matter your budget, you will find a lovely gift for their new house. 

New Home Map Print

Our first pick of unique first home gifts is a new home map print. There are so many different companies out there making these, so you certainly won’t struggle to find them! With new home prints, you can send the shop the address of your loved ones’ new house. From this, they will put an aerial view of your home on a map into a shape, for example, a heart or a house shape. 

You can also send a message to personalise the gift further, with their names and completion date. The majority of these prints also have the option to be framed, so you can buy it ready to hang to make life easier for the people moving into their new homes. This is such a simple yet massively effective gift that will always remind them of their home. 

A 3D Portrait

Another framed choice is a 3D portrait of the person, couple or family. You can send a photo of them, then a 3D printer is used to create small figurines that can be framed. Family, friends and pets can be added to the frame, too! This is perfect for a new home gift as it will add character and are sure to bring smiles to their faces all the time. This one of a kind gift will really show you care. 

Slate Board

Next up, we have a slate board. If the person or people love hosting or are big foodies, this is a perfect choice. A slate can be used when they are ready to have people over and is a special gift that they might not necessarily think about buying for themselves, but they will thoroughly enjoy. This home decor trend is perfect for cheese boards or dessert platters, this is guaranteed to be well received! 

There are companies out there who personalise slate boards, so you can make it even more special. Otherwise, keep it nice and simple with a plain one. 

Dried Flowers

The next choice for a thoughtful and unique home gift is dried flowers. When people move into a new home, it is common for people to buy them fresh flowers. Of course, short-term this is beautiful, but it is not a long-lasting gift that they can enjoy for months or potentially years. So, a beautiful alternative is dried flowers. 

Dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a similar beauty to fresh flowers but they last much longer. Not only do they look beautiful and unique, but they will last for years without the person, couple or family having to do anything with them. There are so many different colour palettes you can choose from to make sure they look perfect in their home. 

A Voucher For A Home Store

Our final gift idea is a voucher for a home store. Whilst this might seem like it isn’t very unique or personal, it is in a different way. Many people moving into a house end up with things that they don’t necessarily want or need. If you don’t know the people that well, buying them something for their new home can be a challenge. 

So, when you buy a home store voucher, you are being considerate, as you are showing them that you want them to find something that they love. To explain this, all you need to say in their card is “We wanted to make sure that you find something you really love for your new home”. It is as simple as that and you know that the couple will be able to use and love what they buy with the voucher! This is a great choice if you’re not sure what they would really want or need.

Final Thoughts

When someone you love is moving into a new home, you want to make it special, which we think you can do with these unique first home gifts for your loved ones! 

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