Website menu trends that improve UX

Trends in menu design for websites have changed a lot over time. Since it is one of the most important aspects of web design, it is only proper that it be given careful attention. 

According to web design London firms, a good menu design guarantees that users can navigate through the site efficiently and intuitively leaving users with a desire to return and explore the site some more. This means more traffic to the site, more repeat business, and better SEO results. 

Menus that are easy to use are vital to the user experience and consequently to the search engine rankings. Here are some menu design trends that will guide you to come up with menus that help boost a website’s metrics.

Use sticky navigation menus for multiple contents

Having to go back and forth between pages just to search for something specific can be very frustrating. Jumping from content to menu is equally frustrating and can have negative effects on website metrics such as conversions. 

Sticky navigation menus provide the user with a way to keep the menu readily available at the top of any page, anywhere on the site’s content the user may be. This enhances the user experience by providing convenience and improves the site’s SEO results.

Provide full-screen navigation options

Navigational elements are central to a website’s function. So why not make it the focal point by using it as the visual for the home page? Full-screen menus are natural for users, and they help the business emphasise on the really important parts of the site. This guides users better towards the important elements of the site and works wonders for conversion rates.

Make use of vertical stack menus

With the number of users choosing to use their mobile devices for anything online, using a vertical stack menu makes a lot of sense. Horizontal menus can prove to be problematic on these small devices. 

By using vertical stack menus, a modicum of consistency is maintained across all types of devices in terms of navigational options. This promotes better user engagement and encourages users to stay longer in a specific site.

Consider the use of a cards style navigation

A cards style navigation isn’t only natural to use but it is also visually stunning. Web design London firms point out that websites are starting to take cues from platforms like Pinterest and are beginning to use cards style full page menu. 

Cards style menus rely on the communication influence of visuals while segregating important information paramount to websites for a more engaging interface. Cards style menus also makes content sharing easier which in turn gives sites an SEO boost.

Summing up

By using the abovementioned menu trends, you’ll be able to enhance how users navigate your page, which could lead to satisfactory UX. These are among the best practices employed by leading Luxury web design firms to ensure more traffic, better retention and of course encouraging consumer loyalty for business websites.


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