Essential Safety Tips for Your Gas Bespoke Fireplaces

Gas bespoke fireplaces are essentially safer than the traditional wood-burning unit. There’s no need for matches or wood chopping, and there are no sparks, smoke, soot or even backdrafts. However, that doesn’t entail you ignore basic fireplace precautions. 

Here are few crucial things you can do to minimise dangers posed by modern fireplaces, no matter how safe they may be.

Schedule an annual maintenance

Although modern fireplace demand less maintenance than its wood-burning cousins, it’s still a great idea to make sure an annual maintenance check is conducted. This is to make sure everything is working as they should be.

Now, when’s the best time for a check-up?

The ideal time is just before winter, when you will light the fire and enjoy its beautiful warmth.

Check the safety screen barrier

The glass panel that comes with your gas fireplace separates the firebox from your space or room. This makes your unit more efficient and safer.

However, there’s one minor problem. The glass could get very hot—really hot—to the point that when you touch it, you’ll get serious burns. When there are children in the house, this is a too great a safety hazard.   

This is the reason why every direct vent unit was required to be equipped with a safety mesh screen in 2015. This is to prevent any serious burns.

In fact, newer models of bespoke fireplaces feature an almost invisible fine mesh safety screen. But you need to ensure that your installer has securely placed it in your unit. Always double check.

Don’t forget the clearance zones

Because of the new technology behind today’s fireplaces, placing a TV or a precious piece of art above the fireplace is possible without having to worry damaging them.

Despite the advancements, every fireplace still has a clearance zone. This is the area around the fireplace that is not safe for easily damaged or flammable materials.

That being said, never place books, wood, newspapers or drapes, among others, directly too close or against the glass of the firebox.

Get a double-glass heat barrier

If you’re still considered about efficiency and safety, how about getting a double-glass safety barrier? As the name implies, this features 2 glass panes, the outer and inner panels. In between these two panes, a ventilation layer sits.

Some models feature a silent, tiny fan that releases heat into the room, found at the bottom of the ventilation layer. This keeps the outer pane at a safe temperature, yet providing ample heat to the room. 

You are assured of another safety barrier between the hot flame and you and your family.

Warn children of the danger

Even the most formidable fireplace safety barriers cannot remove the dangers hot glass poses. So parents should still warn their children not to play near a fireplace, especially when they see the burning flame.

In fact, parents should establish a “no-go zone” to prevent kids from getting too close to the fire. For example, kids are not allowed to be at 1 or 2 feet in front of the hearth.

Final thoughts

Even the most advanced fireplace safety features cannot do most of the work for you. You still need to keep them in top-tip shape and regularly conduct safety checks to make sure your bespoke fireplaces are fully efficient, safe and functional.


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