Top Supermarket Superfoods For A Kickass Diet

Top Supermarket Superfoods For A Kickass Diet

I don’t know about you, but when summer starts I always feel the urge to reboot my diet and reflect on my current eating habits. In the winter it’s all too easy to live off stews, jacket potatoes and other fulfilling carb delights! However summer calls for a lighter array of lunch and dinner options. We hear a lot about ‘super foods’ a lot of which are new to me, or I find hard to locate in my local supermarket.

To make life easier, I’ve rounded up a selection of my favourite foods with super powers that should be easily located in your supermarket aisles. If you’re lucky to have a local health food shop, then a quick visit will help you find all the seeds and supplements you need. So let’s take a look and the foods that will enhance your health and build a better body!

Top Supermarket Superfoods For A Kickass Diet

Acai – acai berries are a great antioxidant and are said to hold natural weight loss stimulants, they’re also said to help with anti-ageing purposes and preventing heart disease.

Chia Seeds – if like me, you aren’t a fish eater then chia seeds offer the perfect substitute for your daily omega-3 intake. Shake them onto porridge in the morning, salads for your lunch and you can even put them into a delicious smoothie too!

Spinach – just half a cup of spinach provides you with more than five times your daily dose of vitamin K! It’s also great for building strong bones and helping to prevent blood clots.

Avocado – an absolute favourite of mine, chop it up in a salad or make a lovely pot of guacamole! Avocadoes are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the plant!

Blueberries – a blueberries deep blue colour is caused by flavonoids, these are a natural compound which help to protect the brain’s memory carrying cells! So not only are they healthy and taste delicious but they also preserve your memory as well as hydrating your skin!

Garlic – garlic has been hailed as a ‘powerhouse’ for the body providing many advantages to your health. It’s small but mighty, and can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and studies show it may even aid in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Dark Chocolate – I bet you’re surprised chocolate is on the list aren’t you? As you long as you consume in moderation, this tasty treat will provide antioxidants that are proven to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and boost overall heart health. Pick wisely though, to reap these benefits you need to be choosing a chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa!

Kale – these leaves are full of goodness! Rich in vitamins A and C as well as potassium, calcium, folate and iron! As well as being packed with all these nutrients Kale is also fantastic for detoxing the body and maintain a healthy liver.

Quinoa – a great replacement for your usual breakfast, just add almost milk and you’ve essentially got an extremely healthy porridge! Pack with protein this little superfood is low in carbohydrates, and contains essential amino acids that your body needs to repair itself and build muscle.

Black Beans – If like me you don’t eat meat and seek your protein elsewhere, black beans are the perfect replacement for red meat. Just one cup contains 15 grams of protein! Add to a chilli or mix in with some quinoa for the ultimate protein punch!

So the next time you’re doing your weekly shop, keep an eye out for these superfoods! If you want further, more extensive information into nutrients and personal health then consider a few sessions with a health coach. I’m lucky to have a great personal trainer in Bury St Edmunds who has taught me what my body needs and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Ask around and have a search for any local health experts that will be able to guide you further!

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