How To Minimize Risks In SEO Campaigns?

It is no secret that not all SEO companies are willing to take responsibility for their works. Due to different factors, no SEO specialist can guarantee definite results. In this case, clients are essentially taking risks by spending their money for a SEO campaign. In many cases, SEO specialists would simply say that they will do what they can. They could only guarantee that they will do some works to optimize the website, but without any disclosure of their actual methodology, In fact, the SEO industry is selling services and products with no solid guarantee. There’s no specific list of what consumers should expect. SEO work is basically the sales of promise and the specific methodology specialists use could be well hidden. The combination of no guarantee and secrecy can make any SEO project risky. In this case, reputable SEO companies should seek to reduce risks for their clients and try to provide the highest grade of service. In this case, it is probably necessary to reduce risk by sharing it with clients. The most appropriate way is probably through the incentive based pricing.

With incentive-based pricing, SEO specialists simply charge for only a portion of the contract, if they are unable to achieve desired results. For example, the minimum payment specialists could get is about 75 percent of the contract that covers their effort, time and intellectual property. The specialist will be paid the remaining 25 percent only if they are able to achieve desired goals. The composition of percentage could depend on the type of the project. This step should help share a portion of the risk with the client. Clients could also be aware that these specialists will be more eager to work appropriately, so they can obtain the full payment. Unfortunately, not many SEO companies are willing to perform the risk-sharing payment arrangement. Whether the website gains top search engine ranking or no suitable rankings at all, SEO specialists want to be paid at full. In fact, there is even a possibility websites get lower rankings after the SEO campaign due to probable use of dubious methodology that may contain more than a few black-hat techniques.

In reality, blackhat or unethical optimization techniques are quite common on the web. In fact, some professional directly mistake SEO as an illegal attempt to gain higher positions in search engine results. To be honest, saying that all SEO specialists are “blackhatters” could be the same like saying that people who own an email account are spammers. In general, black-hat SEO isn’t an optimization at all and it is more likely a manipulation. Higher positions in search results for specific heavily contested keywords could be tied to millions of dollars in investment. Corporate may have spent a huge sum of money to achieve such a position. As a result, people who lack financial resources may switch to dishonest techniques. However, the only way for our website to thrive is by using honest methods, although we may obtain less than modest results initially.

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