Top Advice from Expert Solicitors on Laser Treatment Injuries: The Important Facts You should Know

Laser treatment, particularly laser hair removal treatment, has been done on hundreds – if not thousands – of individuals in recent years. The procedure has become more popular, and this isn’t surprising considering that, if done right, it is painless, quick, and convenient, and it can result in the semi-permanent removal of hair as well. But what if something goes wrong, and you become victim of a laser treatment injury? What can you do then? You may have a right to seek compensation. Here’s top advice from expert solicitors on laser treatment injuries: the important facts you should know.

The injuries you may have

Laser burns are the most common injury you can have due to laser hair removal treatment, and they can be minor or major, depending on the setting or frequency of the equipment or the duration of the procedure. More serious burn injuries can also result in permanent scarring or damage to the skin, and it can also result in skin discolouration. Laser injuries can even include injuries to the corneas of the eye if the procedure is done near the eye, and it can include severe skin tenderness or sensitivity. If you have scars, especially on the face, this can have serious psychological effects as well.

What you should expect from the technician

According to solicitors, the technician has a certain duty of care to customers who undergo laser hair removal treatment. The technician should make sure to give you all the information regarding the procedure before they perform it. In addition, the technician should allow you to change your mind prior to performing the procedure, and they should also provide you with a realistic outlook or expectation of the results of the treatment. The technician should also give you advice on after-care. Most importantly, the technician should use clean and properly-maintained equipment.

What you shouldn’t expect from the technician

The technician should never pressure you into going forward with the procedure if you are uncomfortable or if you still have concerns. They should not offer greatly reduced prices for the treatment just so you will go ahead with the treatment. Furthermore, the technician should not give you misleading information as to the results of the procedure. Again, the technician should never use poor- or low-quality equipment or equipment which is dirty or not properly-maintained.

What to do if you suffer an injury

If you have an injury, it’s important to gather as much evidence as you can. Consult with a medical professional and have them make a report. Take photos of the injury, and keep all your expense receipts. Then, seek advice from a laser burn lawyer – they should be able to help you through the step-by-step process of filing a claim and will not charge a fee until the compensation has been received.

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